Episode Films

Episode Films

At EPISODE FILMS, we don’t just produce, we infuse professionalism and precision!

At EPISODE FILMS, our right mix of capabilities blends perfectly into our positive
company culture, hence flavouring us to a steady and delicious harvest.

EPISODE FILMS was founded by few production enthusiasts in 2012. We enjoy producing
fun and creative works because we love what we do.

EPISODE FILMS offers full and professional production services to our valued clients
starting from the pre-production stage all the way until post-production ends when we hand
the completed, value-enhanced commercial to our clients, with passion!

We have friends all over the world. With our global network of production resources, we
offer our client quality production service that leverages and reinforces our international
client’s brand and products in this globalised marketplace.

Our dynamic and creative team offers not only productions within Taiwan, but also
production service in the greater China region. Our production values are elevated through our
vast resources and contacts around the world.

And should clients require any filming and/or co-production services, we are always here
to help.

Where ever your creative thoughts take you, we will be there!

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C M T D I P
Address 1F, No. 8, Lane 13, Linyi Street,
Taipei City
State (na)
Country Taiwan
Website www.episodefilms.com
Telephone +886266130680
Languages Chinese, English
Trading since 2012
Contact Eugenia Cheng - Executive Producer - Mobile: +886936264764
Patty Tsai - Executive Producer - Mobile: +886955206296
Deep Yeh - Founder / General Manager - Mobile: +886933108709
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