BO Film Services

BO Film Services

Bo Film Services provides complete, professional and efficient logistical support to film makers in Morocco. We have many years of experience in Production Management, Locations and liaison with the local authorities.

At BO Film Services, We believe in strongly standing behind our work, our dedication to the task and intimate knowledge of the country, make us one of the few reliable independent movie production companies in Morocco.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D P
Address Resd Nassim No. 13, Route De Boubana
State (na)
Country Morocco
Telephone +212 (668) 665-723
Fax +212 (539) 321-976
Skype Bakkioui1963
Languages English, French, Spanish, Arabic
Trading since 2015
Contact Ali Bakkioui El Otmani - Line Producer

Recent productions

Filmmakers R&K,
Director: Ryoo Seung
Producer: Kim Dong Sik
Type: Films
Country: South Korea
Year: 2020
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