Bang Bang Films

Bang Bang Films

Bang Bang Films is a service production company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We provide an intelligent, well researched and creative approach to the work we do.
Our emphasis has always been on quality. Being a boutique company means that every job is personalised.

Over the years we have developed our little black book of the best. When you need beautiful red headed twins that can wrestle and ice skate elegantly, call us.

In today’s competitive market creative solutions are, more than ever, in demand. Our work extends anywhere in Southern Africa, including the neighboring islands. With our discerning eye and a deep understanding of logistics, we’re in a position to find the uniqueness in every location that is beyond the norm.

We pride ourselves on our long lasting relationships, loyalty and adding value to each production.

Founder of Bang Bang Films and the team leader, it is Anna’s mix of pragmatism, adeptness at sourcing the best crews to shoot in the most obscure locations, within budget and tight time frames while maintaining the aesthetic, that sets Bang Bang Films apart.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address 45 Palmboom Road, Newlands,
Cape Town
State (na)
Country South Africa
Telephone (27 21) 689 5878
Contact Anna Mira D'Ercole - Executive Producer
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