WeAre a real alternative for major production service companies. We believe you don’t need a big name or huge set up to produce well. You just need the wisdom, years of being on the field can only give you

We don’t like to call ourselves a “Company”; but rather Producers for Producers.

WeLove Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

WeSouth does:

Commercials, Photo, Reality Shows, Documentary, TV Shows, Content, Digital, Activations, and every platform you can think about.

South America needed a change, and we stepped into the challenge.

WeBelieve in reduced fixed costs to avoid big overheads, in the choice of pitching projects as a standard mode, or a real “guerrilla-style”, in the importance of a smooth process for our clients as well as a final product; the boldness of thinking “outside the box” for projects that require to.

WeEarned our experience by working nonstop for the past 15 years all around our industry, in different companies, that gave us the true know-how of a daily life on set, a diverse background of experience, and the understanding that no matter where you from, Producers speak the same language.

WeShoot in South America.....but way cooler.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Sta Magdalena 75, Office 810, Providencia
State (na)
Country Chile
Website www.wesouthfilms.com
Telephone (54 11) 4772 4300
Languages English, Spanish
Trading since 2017
Contact Carolina Legovich
Natalia Martin - Producer
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