FIXMEDIA Video Production Service from Ljubljana, Slovenia, offers high end facilities to serve your team and your brilliant idea. We produce TV ads, TV shows, short films, web series and music videos. Our main charachteristics are flexibility, motivation, creativity, reliability and responsiveness.

Our services include:
- Location Scouting and Fixer Services
- Location management (shooting permits and arrangements, contracts)
- Management on set (logistics, base camp, parking …).
- Logistics
- Equipment rental and crew
- Casting
- Accommodation and Catering
- Legal and accounting services
- Shooting or working permits and contracts
- Advanced legal, accounting, tax and insurance consulting.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Stegne 21c
State (na)
Country Slovenia
Telephone +386 41 505 193
Languages Slovenian, English, German
Trading since 2015
Contact Jure Kreft - Producer - Mobile: 0038641505193

Recent productions

Widex: Res slišite vse?
Director: Jure Dostal
Producer: Jure Kreft
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Slovenia
Year: 2019
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