Australian Fixer HQ

Australian Fixer HQ provides a full Fixer and production management service assisting international and local production companies with all filming requirements in Australia.
AFHQ offers a complete range of services that will facilitate your film, television, content and photography production in every city, coastal and Outback location in Australia. After so many years of experience we have access to the best crew around the country and will arrange all filming equipment hires.
AFHQ is an expert in travel logistics; flights, accommodation, airport transfers, vehicle hire and carnet assistance. We will completely take care of this for you and plan for the best schedule to move your crew from the airport to each location around Australia.
Australian Fixer HQ will schedule and budget any small scale documentary or content job to large scale TVC and will provide an absolute personalized service from start to finish.

If you require post-production, we work with many excellent companies and can arrange this too!
Australian Fixer HQ will assist your production company with location scout facilitation, guide your crew to the best settings and will look after all permit applications.

We are experienced and confident to look after your production in Australia!

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D P
Address 21 Rutland Ave
State New South Wales
Country Australia
Telephone +61408227980
Languages English
Trading since 2018
Contact Andrea Gorddard - Production Fixer & Line Producer - Mobile: +61408227980
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