Bogota Film Commission

Bogota Film Commission

The Bogotá Film Commission is a program of District Institute for the Arts - Idartes, which aims to strengthen Bogotá's audiovisual industries, position the city as a film destination and guide and facilitate filming in the public space in the capital, through the Permit Unified audiovisual filming (PUFA).

Bogotá Film Commission has a variable percentage in the exemptions for projects benefiting from Law 1556 of 2012.

Foreign film productions will be granted a 50% exemption from the total value of the permit and foreign TV productions will be granted a 20% exemption from the total value of the permit.

Classification Film Commissions
Type F C T D I
Address Carrera 8 N° 15-46
State (na)
Country Colombia
Telephone +57 1 3795750 - ext 3406
Languages Spanish, English
Trading since 2014
Contact Laura Puentes - Film Commissioner
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