Riverside County Film Commission

Riverside County Film Commission

Welcome to the Riverside County Film Commission (RCFC), your one-stop resource for Film, TV and Streaming Service production in Film Friendly Riverside County.

Our office is committed to providing content creators with professional, expedited, concierge service.

Stretching over 7,200 miles of desirable filming destinations, Riverside County is conveniently located in the greater Los Angeles Area, making it the perfect backdrop for all film projects. Riverside County’s geography accommodates varied looks such as winding mountain roads, open desert roads, airports, forested communities, ranches, scenic landscapes, mid-century modern to Spanish architecture, and diverse neighborhoods.

Our wine country, also known as a jewel of Riverside County, is film friendly and boasts 40+ sophisticated and elegant wineries to choose from for a perfect shot. Our County owned buildings have been discovered by Southern California students who are excited to find locations with no fees to hone their craft and package their film thesis projects.

With over 28 cities, Riverside County is a perfect location to set up accommodations for extended-stay productions, stretching from weeks, months or years. This location haven for film makers, and creators alike is quickly becoming known as “The Indie Filmmaking Capital of the World”.

The Riverside County Film Commission takes California’s vast diversity to a level, we call our own. We invite your visions, to find its home, in this region.

Classification Film Commissions
Address 3403 Tenth Street, Suite 400
State California
Country United States of America
Website www.FilmRiversideCounty.com
Telephone +1 951 955 2044
Contact Bettina Breckenfeld
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