The Empire - Film Productions

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Grundargata 16
State (na)
Country Iceland
Telephone +354 7814966
Regions covered Iceland | Svalbard | Greenland | Norway | Faroe Islands
Languages Icelandic, Norwegian, English, Chinese
Trading since 2010

Recent productions

Tencent - Encounters
Yuan Fang Media,
Director: Qing Zhao, Qi Zhao
Producer: Jing Zhao, Xiang Li
Type: Documentaries
Country: Svalbard & Jan Mayen
Year: 2019
Once Upon a Bite (Chinese Chefs Table)
Director: Fu Xian Jing
Producer: Z.Wang
Type: Documentaries
Country: Norway
Year: 2020
Audi Quattro 2 - Ski The World
The Plane,
Director: Candide Thovex
Producer: Slavica Depikolo
Type: TV Commercials
Country: Iceland
Year: 2018
Switch Back Entertainment,
Director: Anthony Bonello
Producer: Mike Douglas, Anthony Bonello
Type: Documentaries
Country: Svalbard & Jan Mayen
Year: 2015
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