Imago Machina

Imago Machina

Imago Machina Productions is a Tokyo-based bilingual full-service production company with a focus on documentaries, unscripted reality, factual entertainment, live action, and branded content founded by producers Marcio Edagi and Irene Herrera. Their most recent credits include working on the Japan segments for Ugly Delicious Season 2 (Netflix), Around The World By Train With Tony Robinson (Channel 5), A Week to Beat the World (CBBC), Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Netflix), Peking Express (M6), and Sergio & Axel: van de Kaart (VTM).

With 17 years experience on the field, Imago Machina has created a strong network of talents and vendors throughout Japan that allow them to select the best adapted production support staff based on the needs of each project. Imago Machina’s services include developing ideas, research, formulating creative pitches, scouting for locations, acquiring film permits, sourcing local crew and hiring equipment. They also curate creatives and have a portfolio of directors, DOPs, and editors to suit different genres.

Imago Machina thrives on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Japan. By always exploring new characters, talents, themes and locations, they provide their clients with unique perspectives on a country that has an ancient culture juxtaposed with a vibrant modernity. The IM team is known for being versatile, flexible, and open minded, traits much needed when working in Japan.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T I P
Address 3-28-11 Kamitakada Nakano-ku
State (na)
Country Japan
Telephone +81 80 2261 0775
Languages Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
Trading since 2003
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