NEOM is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 for the future of the Kingdom and aims to create a semi-autonomous region of Saudi Arabia, with its own discrete legal and regulatory system. An important element is the development of a vibrant media industries sector.

NEOM’s focus is to become the regional epicentre of the media industries, offering an unparalleled environment for content creation and establishing itself amongst elite global media hubs.

We will create a new centre for the region’s media industries by establishing the world’s first physically and technologically integrated media hub focused on screen production, gaming and digital publishing.

As we accelerate the development of our industry ecosystem, NEOM offers highly attractive production (location, post and vfx) incentives for film, TV and games production.

We have an experienced production and locations support services team which will help deliver a seamless production experience. The first of our initial 4 sound stages will open in January 2022, offering a range of stages from 2,400m² - 4,000m² with backlots and additional production and support space.

With easy transport links, access to crews, fast track logistical support, impressive equipment inventory, highly attractive incentives and a world class team, NEOM is open for business.

Let’s connect and arrange for you to experience NEOM’s incredible range of unique and diverse locations that can stand in for a range of global locations. Tour our facilities and meet our amazing team to discuss how we can make your next project a reality at the NEOM media hub.

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Contact Paul Venn - Industry Engagement Director Marketing, Sales, Publicity/PR
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