Photoplay is a boutique production company.

We are inspired by the limitless potential of storytelling in all its forms. We are a collective of both filmmakers and photographers creating content across all mediums - digital, television, live activations & events, publishing, advertising and art. We focus on smart, quality production whilst striving to create an inspiring home for creative talent. We believe in a world that is experimental, creative and fun.

No matter the medium, we are interested in great ideas above anything else.

Our Directors:
Scott Otto Anderson | RBG6 | Linnea Bergmann | Gary John | Daniel De Viciola | Jasmin Tarasin | Melvin M. Montalban | Lance Kelleher | Lucinda Schreiber | Matthieu Mantovani | Frazer Bailey | Dropbear | Byron Quandary | Gracie Otto | Stef Smith | James Chappell | Michael Corridore |

Our Photographers:
Sarah Adamson | Chris Budgeon | Sarah Babah | Mark Clinton | Michael Corridore | Adam Ferguson | Troy Goodall | John Laurie | Vickie Lee | Trent Mitchell | Jouk Oosterhof | Romero Pereira

Health and safety is of paramount importance to us at Photoplay. We are a Covid-safe business, and are experienced sharing content captured with remote teams both locally and internationally. Our health and safety procedures follow all recommendations by relevant health authorities, and where possible go beyond.

Classification Production Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Studio 4, 111 McEvoy Street
State New South Wales
Country Australia
Telephone +61 (0)2-9698-4946
Fax +61 (0)2-9699-8325
Languages English
Trading since 2009
Contact Oliver Lawrance - Executive Producer
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