ORISONO is a production service company helping international film crews capture the beauty of Switzerland. We are the new kids on the block, with a proven track record facilitating mid-size to large-scale film productions for clients like Netflix and HBO Max.
Are you considering shooting in Switzerland? Hit us up; we are more than happy to discuss the opportunities.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Grimselweg 5
State (na)
Country Switzerland
Website https://orisono.com
Telephone (+41) 41 508-1565
Languages English, German, Spanish
Trading since 2020
Contact Timothy Ross - Co-Founder

Recent productions

Color of Heaven
89 Productions GmbH, ORISONO GmbH, Arnold Films,
Director: Juan-Marc Zapata
Producer: Ivan Geisser, Timothy Ross, Alexander Stratigenas, Guillem Luna
Type: Films
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2022
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