Swixer is a full production service company that helps international clients with their Film, TV, Digital and Stills productions in Europe. Our headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden with local branches all across Europe.

In each country we have local Producers, Fixers and production managers who can help tailor and manage international shoots and book local crew. We have a solution-oriented and flexible mindset that we bring to every production, no matter the size.

Swixer is proud to have been a part of productions for some of the leading agencies, production companies and brands in the world, such as: Apple TV, BBC, Microsoft, Volvo, Netflix, Bloomberg, CNN, Google, ESPN and more.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P

State (na)
Country Iceland
Website www.swixer.com
Telephone +46 704 012 755
Contact Fatima Lagerås - Producer/Director/Fixer
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