TaProd Group is opening its new branch in Japan, offering full productions and services. Led by industry experts Serge Thimbre, Erika Adam-Onishi, Rosa Barbaran, and Camtrang Nguyen, TaProd Japan sets up its new office in Tokyo.

With decades in Thailand, expanding to Japan underscores our commitment to diverse markets in Asia to better serve our valued clients’ interests in the region. Offering a visual feast of contrasting landscapes, from futuristic cityscapes to serene traditional settings, shooting in Japan has endless possibilities.

At TaProd Japan, diversity is our greatest strength. With proficient producers fluent in Japanese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Thai, our multicultural team ensures seamless communication for unparalleled results.

Trust TaProd Japan to turn your vision into reality, with a touch of international flair!

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P

State (na)
Country Japan
Website www.taprod.net
Contact Louis Ditapichai - Executive Producer - Mobile: (66 8) 4463 2917
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