International Film And Broadcast Academy

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address 62 Akanro Street, Ilasamaja, Mushin
State (na)
Country Nigeria
Telephone (234 1) 816 3303
Regions covered Nigeria
Languages English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, German
Trading since 1997

Recent productions

Into The Night
Avanti Media For Arte,
Director: Hasko Baumann
Producer: Fred Schut
Type: TV Programmes, broadcast and mows
Country: Germany
Goldman Sachs 10k Women
Desantis Breindel,
Director: Ross Kaufmann
Producer: Robin Honan
Type: Documentaries
Country: United States of America
CNN IList Nigeria @ 50
Director: Nicola Goulding
Producer: Nicola Goulding, Tim Crockett
Type: Documentaries
Country: United States of America
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