Productions Pacific Limited

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F
Address 1st Floor, Suites 8-9, QBE Insurance Center, Victoria Parade/ PO Box 549
Country Fiji
Telephone (679) 331 6066
Regions covered Fiji
Languages English
Trading since 2012

Recent productions

Table 21
Eros International,
Type: Films
Country: India
Eros International,
Director: Sheershak Anand & Shantanu Ray
Producer: Vikram Rajani - Next Gen Film Production Ltd
Type: Films
Country: India
Director: Naveen Vatra
Producer: Ravinder Ahlawat
Type: Films
Country: India
Benaras Media Works,
Director: Gurmmeet Singh
Producer: Anubhav Sinha
Type: Films
Country: India
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