Film Fiji

Film Fiji

Fiji – A filmmaker’s Dream

Fiji is fast becoming the destination of choice for filmmakers thanks to its stunning locations and an impressive 47% film tax rebate. From miles of white sandy beaches and pristine turquoise waters to tropical rainforests, mountainous terrains, rivers and picturesque cityscapes, Fiji’s locations have featured in renowned films and television series.

Diverse and easily accessible locations, English-speaking local cast & crew, and efficient service for filming approvals are just a few reasons filmmakers keep coming back to shoot in Fiji. Film Fiji provides location services, administers the rebate process, grants film permits and facilitates necessary approvals from authorities such as the tax office, immigration and other government departments.

To further assist production companies, Film Fiji has a number of licensed audio visual agents that offer a range of services including logistical support, accounting services, and legal services. Getting to Fiji is convenient with frequent international flights arriving at its Nadi International Airport. Travelling between locations can be done with ease with well-maintained highways, secondary roads, numerous wharves and jetties, and 15 domestic airports.

Despite filming in some of the most remote and alluring locations, you will still remain connected with the world via state-of-the- art communications technology. With a strong 4G+ mobile network presence covering nearly 95% of the country, you will have comparable communication and data services to the best in the world.

Classification Film Commissions
Type F C M T D I P
Address PO Box 18080; Ground Floor, Civic House
State (na)
Country Fiji
Telephone (679 3) 306 662
Fax (679 3) 314 662
Languages English
Trading since 2002
Contact Shamal Singh - Marketing Officer (Training & Development)
Jone Tikoca - Manager Finance & Administration / Acting Chief Executive Officer - Mobile: +679 (992) 6680
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