75 Production Services

75 Production Services

75 Production Services is a new production service department within SOIXAN7E QUIN5E. It is your creative problem-solver and resourceful partner in the ever-changing challenges that production will come across, for commercials and features, in France and in Paris.

In facing those challenges, we have been working with a network of highly experienced suppliers and super skilled technical crews for the past ten years.

75 offers high-quality production services:

- Tax Rebate for International Production (except for advertising)

- Significant experience and important knowledge of shooting conditions in Paris

- Same organization chart as the US crew

- Large location database

- Permits

- Aerial shot permits

- Highly skilled crews

- A large network of skilled suppliers

- Cast

- Transportation

- Security / all insurances

In order to offer the best production service to foreign production companies likely to shoot in France or Paris, 75 relies on a long experience in advertisements production and a renowned savoir-faire in complex organization of production projects.

The sometimes very substantial budgets managed by 75 helped us acquire a global and realistic approach about our ability to welcome foreign fiction or blockbusters, shot in France, and more specifically in Paris.

75 Production Services wish to duplicate their AAA commercials know-how in welcoming foreign TV fiction shows or features.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address 42 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
State (na)
Country France
Website www.75.tv
Telephone +33 (1) 4488-9575
Languages French, English
Contact Théo Barbé - Production Coordinator - Mobile: +33 (6) 5972-9817
Vincent Servant - Executive Producer, Production Services Dpt - Mobile: +33 (69) 805-2612
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