We have been shooting high-quality aerials for directors, producers, cinematographers and broadcasters since drones became part of the industry. 

We are fully licensed for aerial operations by the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation.

Composing that perfect shot for TV, film and commercials requires unique skills, is demanding, challenging and highly rewarding.

Understanding your footprint on set, composing the right shot, ensuring your footage is perfectly exposed, balanced and graded in flight so time in post is reduced is what we understand and strive for.

We listen and we challenge ourselves to give the directors that "perfect shot", live and in flight.

Aerial Shooting is our passion!

Classification Aerial Filming Company
Type F C T D I P
Address Ledras, 15
Dhali, Nicosia
State (na)
Country Cyprus
Languages Greek, English
Trading since 2011
Contact Gregoris Demetriades - Accountable Manager - Mobile: +35799689739
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