Ardmore Studios

Classification Studios
Type F C T P
Address Herbert Road, Bray
County Wicklow
State (na)
Country Ireland
Telephone (353 1) 286 2971
Regions covered Ireland
Languages English
Trading since 1958

Recent productions

The Tudors
Peace Arch Entertainment,
Director: Michael Hirst
Type: TV Programmes, broadcast and mows
Country: United States of America
King Arthur
Evergreen Productions,
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Type: Films
Country: United States of America
Laws Of Attraction
Leeson Productions,
Director: Peter Howitt
Producer: David Friendly
Type: Films
Country: United States of America
Breakfast On Pluto
Pluto Films,
Director: Neil Jordan
Producer: Neil Jordan
Type: Films
Country: Ireland
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