Brazil Production Services - BPS

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I P
Address Rua Tonelero 315, Suite 903, Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro
State (na)
Country Brazil
Telephone (55 21) 4063 4128/ (1 323) 391 3895
Regions covered Brazil, USA
Languages English, Portuguese, Spanish, French
Trading since 2009

Recent productions

The Wheel
Discovery Channel,
Director: Sam Korki
Producer: Thiago da Costa
Type: TV Programmes, broadcast and mows
Country: Brazil
Year: 2017
Mass Appeal,
Director: Marcus Anthony Clarke
Producer: Felipe Guilhermino
Type: Documentaries
Country: Brazil
Director: Michael John Warren
Producer: Thiago da Costa
Type: Documentaries
Country: Brazil
Avengers:Infinity War
Marvel/ Disney,
Director: Anthony & Jon Russo
Producer: Thiago Da Costa
Type: Films
Country: Brazil
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