Crystal Ball Productions

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D P
Address 24, George Washington Street, 3rd Floor
State (na)
Country Bulgaria
Telephone (359 88) 8 80 7812
Regions covered Bulgaria
Languages English, Spanish
Trading since 2010

Recent productions

Red Chilies Entertainment,
Director: Rohit Shetty
Producer: George Cameron, Karim Morani
Type: Films
Country: India
Quite Funny Films/Clerkenwell Films,
Director: Jonathan van Tulleken, Lawrence Gough
Producer: Petra Fried, Charlie Leech, Adam Browne
Type: TV Programmes, broadcast and mows
Country: United Kingdom
Barbarians Rising
October Films,
Director: Simon George, Declan O’Dwyer, Mo Sweeney
Producer: Kate Bullions
Type: Documentaries
Country: United Kingdom
Ultimate Warfare
Arrow Media,
Director: Ben Mole
Producer: Sarah Campbell
Type: Documentaries
Country: United Kingdom
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