Kasbah Films

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F
State (na)
Country Morocco
Telephone (212 67) 173 0752
Regions covered Morocco
Languages English

Recent productions

The Nile Hilton Incident
Director: Tarek Saleh
Producer: Kristina Aberg
Type: Films
Country: Sweden
The Yellow Birds
Director: Alexandre Moors
Producer: Jeff Sharp, Courtney Solomon, Shea Kammer
Type: Films
Country: United States of America
Army of One
Director: Larry Charles
Producer: Patrick Newall, James D. Stern, Jeremy Steckler
Type: Films
Country: United States of America
The Red Tent
Sony Pictures,
Director: Roger Young
Producer: Paula Weinstein, Nancy Bennett
Type: TV Programmes, broadcast and mows
Country: United States of America
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