Taipei Film Commission

Taipei Film Commission

Taipei Film Commission was established in 2007 to provide assistance for audiovisual production in Taipei city, the capital city of Taiwan, which includes location scouting, traffic control, and advertisement broadcasting. In 2018, Taipei Film Commission officially launched the Taipei Film Fund. It is the first governmental funding scheme in Taiwan to target exclusively international co-production or co-financed film and TV projects. With a Taiwanese partner on board, any project with at least 25% of all scenes shot in Taipei City or has post-production done here is eligible for Taipei Film Fund. By April 2021 we have funded 15 projects and are looking forward to more in the future.

As a semi-governmental organization, the Commission is resourceful and flexible at the same time. Up until February of 2021, we have assisted in the production of over 6,500 audiovisual productions, more than 900 of which were international projects. We are aiming to be the best partner for local and international co-productions filming in Taiwan.

Taipei Film Commission is also dedicated to strengthening and bridging our local film industry to the world not only through promoting locations and facilities at international film markets, but also building partnerships with audiovisual organizations around the world. We help create opportunities locally by carrying out promotional events, holding competitions to encourage creators, and organizing the annual Taipei Film Academy, which adds talent cultivation to our efforts in building a better ecosystem.

Taipei Film Commission sincerely welcomes you to a creative journey filming here in Taipei, our beloved city.

Classification Film Commissions
Address 1&2F, Number 630, Guangfu South Road, Da’an District
State (na)
Country Taiwan
Telephone (886 2) 2709 3880
Fax (886 2) 2709 3905
Languages English, French, Mandarin
Trading since 2007
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