Voice Japan Inc

Voice Japan Inc

Voice Japan has over 24 years of experience in film industry, providing a wide range of supports for film crews in both still and motion shootings as a fixer.

We have been specialized in assisting a variety of productions to date; such as movies, documentaries, TV shows, TV commercials, advertisements, magazine features, internet videos, press conferences, interviews, sports and entertainment events/exhibitions in international and domestic locations.

Being involved in well over 500 filmmaking processes, we have accumulated know-how on providing best solutions for our client’s logistical and financial challenges.

Although Voice Japan is a Tokyo-based production service company, we work extensively and our multilingual fixers will accompany you to every filming location across Japan.

As you may know, Japan is a country with a truly unique culture as well as a distinctive communication method. Therefore, film crews from overseas occasionally face language barriers and it is never easy for them to pre-empt misunderstandings when dealing with locals directly.

Voice Japan will commit to convey your ideas thoroughly and to avoid getting “Lost in Translation.”

We look forward to serving you as your one-stop reliable filming concierge in Japan.

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C T D I
Address Nic-heim Nihombashi 704 11-14
Nihombashi-Nakasu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
State (na)
Country Japan
Website https://voicejapan.tokyo/
Telephone +81 3 3662 1355
Fax +81 3 3662 1356
Languages Japanese, English, Spanish, Greek and Mandarin
Trading since 1996
Contact Makoto Kawamura - MD / Line Producer
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