Wesgro is the Official Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape. Our divisions include Tourism, Trade, Investment Promotion, Research and Film & Media. The Cape is a region of unlimited potential, and this translates into unlimited opportunity. Whether you’re interested in unique travel experiences, investment, shooting a film or exporting to Africa and the rest of the world, our province has something for you.

The Wesgro Film and Media Unit uses its network of relationships with stakeholders along the entire film and media supply chain to help local and international film crews create world-class films, commercials, and animation and gaming productions in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

The Cape Town and Western Cape region is a sought-after film destination. Major international and local productions are drawn by the wide range of locations, exemplary services and studios. We assist with production in the province, including regulation guidance and finding co-production parties.

If location is everything, the Western Cape has it all. Think towering mountains and rolling waves, bustling cityscapes and desolate landscapes, and much more. Some of the most popular locations in the Western Cape are found in Cape Town’s central business district, with a variety of urban looks and various types of architecture, as well as stunning natural beauty. We are so diverse that almost any country in the world can be replicated within a two-hour radius of Cape Town. The only limit is your imagination.

An inspiring place to create.

Classification Trade Organisations / Associations
Address 60 St George’s Mall, SA Reserve Bank Building, 18th floor
Cape Town
State (na)
Country South Africa
Website https://www.wesgro.co.za/film/home
Telephone +27 (21) 487-8600
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