locationStock LLC

Classification Production Service Companies
Type F C M T
Address 0172, Dumbadze Ave.
Country Georgia
Regions covered Georgia
Languages Georgian, English, Russian
Trading since 2009

Recent productions

All Gone
AtlanticFilm Production,
Director: George Paradjanov
Producer: Katya Philipova/ Galya Nakhimovskaya
Type: Films
Country: Russia
Irandam Ulagam
PVP Cinema Production/ Metro Studio,
Director: Selvaragavan
Producer: Vinay Chilakapaty
Type: Films
Country: India
Jacky Au Royaume Des Filles
Les Films des Tournelles/ Pathé/ Studio 37,
Director: Riad Sattouf
Producer: Avi Liani/ Anne-Dominique Toussaint/ Mirza Davitaia
Type: Films
Country: France
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