FOCUS Spotlight on Talking Film Production Services, Uganda

FOCUS talks to Derrick Kibisi, Producer/Founder of Talking Film Production Services, Uganda, who will be returning to FOCUS for the second year.

Derrick what brings you and Talking Film Production Services back to FOCUS again this year?
We made some great contacts at FOCUS 2017 and hope to generate more productions out of FOCUS 2018.  FOCUS attracts a great collection of brilliant filmmakers. I had an amazing experience talking to many highly talented and open-minded filmmakers from across the world.

What are you hoping to get out of the event and what in particular will you be promoting at FOCUS 2018?
We hope to get potential clients and partners from Europe and the rest of the world to travel to Africa to film. We will particularly be promoting Uganda’s unique filming locations that have been barely explored.

Please tell us briefly about Talking Film Production Services?
Talking Film Production Services was founded in 2012 by myself and two other colleagues Sam Etiang and Paul Kabango. We offer full production services in Uganda and the surrounding countries like Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Congo, South Sudan and Ethiopia. Our team comprises of youthful, passionate and committed filmmakers.

What foreign productions have you provided production services for in the past few years?
Feature films include Black Panther, directed by Ryan Cooglar, El Cuaderno De Sara directed by Norberto López Amado and Mira Nair’s Queen of Katwe. We also provided services for a Chase Sapphire commercial starring James Corden and the Nickelodeon TV Wildlife special Together for Good, directed by Ed Quintrell.

Please tell us a bit about Uganda as a filming destination.
Uganda is a fast growing, prime location for foreign film productions in search of lush green scenery, a tropical climate and stable security. It has some of the most diverse wildlife in Africa – for example the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to the Great Apes (Mountain Gorillas). It is blessed with the source of the longest river in the world (Nile River) and the biggest fresh water lake (Lake Victoria). It also is home to the highest mountain ranges in Africa, the Mountains of the Moon in the Rwenzori.

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Derrick Kibisi
Derrick Kibisi is a Ugandan filmmaker born in 1983, with extensive experience in national and international TV and film productions. A skilled producer and a passionate filmmaker, he is confident working as a production manager and location manager. Being fluent in English, Swahiliand Luganda has allowed him to work on many international productions and co-productions for companies like Marvel Studios, Disney, Nickelodeon, Vice Media, National Geographic Channel, NBC, BBC, Sky News, etc.
He has also co -produced a few features including Marvel Studio’s “Black Panther” VFX aerial shots in Uganda, Disney’s “Queen of Katwe” and Ikiru Film’s “Sara’s Notebook” (El Cuaderno De Sara).
He is currently working on different commercial and documentary projects as producer across Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda. Derrick lives in Kampala, Uganda.

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