FOCUS talks to Luc Poullain, CEO of Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) France

P1044669_1FOCUS talks to Luc Poullain, CEO of ACS France

What brings you and ACS France back to FOCUS this year?

We believe that FOCUS’ purpose and our way of approaching the film industry work the same. We visited over 70 countries providing very high-quality aerial filming. The idea of being part of the FOCUS’s community is very interesting for us. We also seek to have a strong network in the film industry in Europe and to meet new players of this industry. What would be better than being part of this exhibit?

ACS-France-Cablecam-3-axes-Le-Grand-bainWhat are you hopping to get out of the event and what in particular will you be promoting at FOCUS 2018?

Of course, increasing our network is one of our purpose but we would also like to present our newest technologies and services. For more than 20 years we’ve been a major player in aerial filming. This success means that we’ve been evolving accordingly to the needs of the film industry. We’ve been using our know-how in order to understand productions artistic approach providing solutions with professionalism and producing great content. We want to show that not only we kept our equipment and teams at the forefront of innovation but we also adapt to your budget and to the specific requests of your shooting.

Tell us briefly about ACS France

Founded in 1997, ACS France offers a great range of equipment, very innovative, to stabilize camera movements, in the air as on the ground. ACS France set itself apart due to its accomplished and recognized performances whatever the filming locations, but also through the high level of safety it provides to the film industry and television.

ACS-France-Drone-Tour-Eiffel-NuitWe are able to mobilize human resources and equipment in a very short time frame across France, Europe and all over the world. On the basis of this experience, our team is at your service to optimize your time and your budget.

In our field of expertise, production and direction seek precision, ask about possibilities, feasibility or wish to make a difference. Our ability to listen, our range of services, the attention we pay to your requests will help you to achieve your desires.

What productions have you provided aerial filming services in the past few years and where?

Our competence spans the field of cinema as well as publicity and broadcast through aerial and gyrostabilized technologies perfectly mastered.

In 2018 we worked with many productions such as Firstep for the movie Mission Impossible: Fallout (directed by Christopher Mc Quarrie) and for Johnny English Strikes Again (directed by David Kerr), Chi Fou Mi for the movie Le grand bain (directed by Gilles Lellouche). We were very proud to work with Flying Pictures on the Star Wars movies (Episode VIII, Solo: A Star Wars story) and on the DC Comics adaptations (Justice League, Wonder Woman). We took part in many projects with Nexus Factory (Belgium) such as Promise at Dawn (by Eric Barbier), Overdrive (by Antonio Nergret), and more recently Ibiza (directed by Arnaud Lemor).

Luc Poullain

ACS-France-Helico-HydraI am the CEO of ACS France, a French based SME engaged in providing aerial camera systems and related services. I am a former high-level sailing athlete with a profound taste for aesthetics. After passing my helicopter pilot license in 2000, I started filming sailing competitions and sports events. I then extended such aerial shooting activity to the broadcast and film industries. I feel extremely fortunate for having such a fascinating and challenging job, for being part of the most famous film directors’ projects. 16 years have passed since I started managing ACS France. My team and I are very proud to share our extensive experience and expertise to the benefit for producers, directors and directors of photography.

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