FOCUS talks to Fouad Challa of Dreamaker Productions in Morocco returning to FOCUS after a successful FOCUS 2017

Dreamaker will be returning to FOCUS and exhibiting again in 2018. FOCUS caught up with Fouad Challa, the founder of Dreamaker Productions who provides production services to foreign producers in Morocco.

IMG_4025Fouad what brings you and Dreamaker back to FOCUS again this year?
After my last experience at Focus in London with Marrakech Film Commission, it was an easy decision to make for Dreamaker Productions Morocco, since I consider Focus to be the best industry get together in the planet, where production / locations / line producing meet in harmony and good business practice. Things do get done there. There are no films to sell, no films to buy, no screenings, no big parties, just the business side of it that fits our aim at Dreamaker Productions.

What are you hoping to get out of the event and what in particular will you be promoting at FOCUS 2018?

First of all, I would like the industry to know more about Dreamaker Productions’ services, the large pool of latest technology film equipment we offer for hire, the 20% government incentives and finally Marrakech and Morocco as an incredible versatile location.

MDM AFFICHEWhat foreign productions have you provided production services for in Morocco in the past few years
We have serviced the needs of many different productions, from features to commercials, etc… One of our latest job was with the renown Japanese Production House TOHO COMPANY, which whom we shot a feature film entitled Okuotoko directed by Keishi Ohtomo, starring Tatsuya Fujiwara and Takeru Satoh. The relationship we had with the Japanese crew was so wonderful, informative and a simply delightful. Lots of hard work in peace and harmony. A film we will cherish forever.

Please tell us briefly what Morocco has to offer as a filming destination?

Morocco has become a Mecca for many filmmakers; films shot locally have won Oscars and Emmys. We are proud of the Emmy award we won through our art director, while shooting CIA Confidential for National Geographic Films and TV.
Morocco is the ultimate exotic locale for films and series, from Biblical to contemporary wars and spy subjects. It brings unmatched color, architecture, adventure, romance to any production-dramatic, comedic or commercials. Not only does it double up for many countries in the world, it also feels like a small continent gathering all types of locations for the avid filmmaker.

Nowadays, you can find state of the art film equipment including Scorpio Arm, studios, English speaking actors & crew, military support, an impressive infrastructure.

0FE959F9-22C2-471D-9BF0-CBC383443F27Do you offer any filming incentives for foreign productions interested in Morocco as a location for their next production?

Morocco offers filmmakers 20% rebate as long as they spend in Morocco a million USD and shoot 18 days within the country, no VAT tax, no income tax and a very affordable talented labor.

Foud Challa will be Presenting Filming in Morocco with Dreamaker Productions on Tuesday December 4th at 10 – 11 AM.

To attend the presentation or meet with Dreamaker Productions at their register for a FREE delegate badge here.