FOCUS talks to Michael Moffett, Founder of the Production Service Network

FOCUS talks to Michael Moffett, Founder of the Production Service Network offering worldwide production services

Michael HeadshotMichael what brings you and Production Service Network back to FOCUS this year?

There are few places where producers of feature films and TV series gather alongside producers of TV commercials and branded content under one roof.  PSN feels right at home in this mix.  We haven’t missed it since year one.

What are you hoping to get out of the event and what in particular will you be promoting at FOCUS 2018?

We look forward to catching up with industry colleagues on all the latest buzz, especially concerning film incentives that producers can access by working with our PSN Partners in each country.

As PSN is more widely known amongst producers of advertising, we’ll shine a spotlight on our PSN Partner work on feature films and TV dramas.  Here’s a one minute compilation of PSN Partner work on films you’re sure to recognize.


Please tell us briefly about Production Service Network?

I launched PSN 5 years ago to help connect producers filming overseas with vetted production service they could count on to deliver comprehensive below-the-line support.  PSN Partners are independent production service companies at the top of their game – much more than a fixer yet capable of scaling their services to fit a wide range of productions while ensuring compliance with local labor laws and industry practices.  That’s a differentiating factor valued by brands and studios.

PSN puts the collective local knowledge of its Partners in nearly 50 countries at producers’ fingertips for no added cost.  PSN is a one-stop shop resource where producers can survey a world of possibilities to determine the most suitable place to film their projects, from TV commercials and Digital Branded Content to Scripted Narrative.

What foreign productions have your members provided production services for this year?


Looking back on branded work in 2018, we’re thankful for the confidence US producers at MJZ, Sweatpants Media, Cultivate Media, Greenpoint and MPC placed in PSN to produce films for Bacardi in Dominican Republic, Toyota in Mexico, Belize Tourism Board, LG in Poland and Timberland in Canada respectively.  There’s more work to be released soon for campaigns shot with The Mill+ in Romania, Alkemy X in The Netherlands, and Matte Projects in UAE and Singapore. PSN Partner support in Singapore, China, Turkey, France, and Spain paved the way for the Sibling Rivalry production of a global campaign.  Also worldwide is a Disney campaign produced by Summerjax with local PSN Partner support in Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom and Malawi.


In Europe there was a Valentin&Byhr film for Volvo in Poland and a Made.for.Digital (Media Monks) production for Cass in South Korea – one of several produced with PSN Partners to air during the World Cup.  Soon to be released is also a P&O Cruises campaign shot with PSN Norway.

East Asia producers called on PSN Brazil to service shoots featuring star footballer Neymar.  China production house Steam created this film for Oppo while Red Horse worked with us on this other for TCL.  Oxygen Singapore relied on our local knowledge to produce a Pharma campaign in UAE + casting assist from Colombia.  PSN also connected Lightflux Malaysia to local support for the production of a Taiwan Tourism campaign.

Hat tip here to producers of marketing deliverables for Netflix Originals who have called on PSN shoot support in strategic markets on three continents!  This project in Spain for the launch of the series Elite is amongst the latest of a half dozen shoots wrapped this year.

SpainBTS2 (1)

In the scripted genre, PSN recently worked with South Korean producers of a dramatic TV series for Studio Dragon to find a train station in Europe to suit elaborate fight scenes.   PSN Hungary provided local service.  Meantime, Japanese producers at Cine Bazaar filmed scenes of an upcoming feature film with PSN Mexico while Conspiraçao captured the essence of Paris for a Brazilian feature with BTL support from PSN France.

Copy of NICOCORP_KARDEC_MAKING OF_CorentinDeMeirler-9240

We’re looking forward to the release of these and many more films as we continue development on new projects set to shoot with our PSN Partners in 2019.

Michael, many thanks for your time and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you and the Production Service Network team to FOCUS 2018 on the 4th & 5th of December 2018.


Michael Moffett

Moffett is an American producer who has drawn from his own experience filming overseas to found PSN-Production Service Network.  During more than 2 decades, Moffett’s company in Spain provided full production service for everything from commercial film and photo campaigns for global brands to Bollywood feature films, record-setting indoor events to TV series and documentaries airing on all major US and UK broadcasters.  By listening and collaborating with traveling producers from around the world, Moffett identified an industry need for a reliable and transparent network of production service companies worldwide – one he could refer his own producer clients to with complete confidence and no added cost.  Five years on, Moffett heads a one-stop shop industry resource like no other where exclusively vetted partner companies – one per country in nearly 50 countries – deliver boots on the ground film support.

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