Spotlight on Portuguese exhibitor Ready to Shoot

FOCUS talks to Margarida Adónis, Executive Producer from Ready to Shoot in Portugal

Margarida_AdonisMargarida what brings you and Ready To Shoot back to FOCUS again this year?

We had a great learning experience in the first year. Without a proper incentive program, promoting the locations, the country or the services of RTS it was very hard.

Focus is a great place to meet potential clients and partners to produce Cinema and TV series as well as advertise and in the first year we were not backed up by any incentive cash rebate program, as we are this year.

036So now makes total sense to return and present Portugal as an incredible destination to shoot Feature Films or TV series. Ready to Shoot can provide not only the excellence on production experience but as well know how to inform and assist on every step during the application process to the incentive program.

Focus has grown over the past years and it´s now in a more mature stage for taking action.

What are you hoping to get out of the event and what in particular will you be promoting at FOCUS 2018?

Focus will be mainly to meet people, networking and spreading the word about RTS services and about this incentive of 25% or 30% cash rebate program that Portuguese government is releasing.

010Please tell us briefly about Ready To Shoot Production Services?

I’m a single partner of RTS since 2000. In the beginning being a woman producer was a challenge in a world that traditionally was made of male producers. Our business is focused in the detail, in the creative approach and in the super personal full production services we provide to each project.

We operate mainly in Portugal Continental & Islands.

We have never wanted to run for the biggest company, we have always wanted to be among the very best, the most accurate, organized, accountable, and reliable ones. I think that’s what distinguishes RTS from other companies who aim for making lots of shooting days per year.

029What foreign productions have you provided production services for in the past few years?

One of the reasons we are heading to Focus is to broaden the types of serviced we provide.

Mainly so far, we have been doing, international advertise, local large corporate events, international documentaries and local theatre. Slowly we want to start working on longer formats along with the advertising work which has been our core business.
Lexus – Design Nippon centre – Japan – dir Hajimex Murakami

United Airlines – Goodgate / Prettybird – USA – dir Max Malkin

National Geographic – Pulse Films – USA & WW – dir. Reed Morano

041PlayStation – Biscuit – UK & WW – dir Clay Weiner

Homann – Winderfilm – Germany – dir. Frank Martines Schmidt

Caveman– Theatre Comedy by Theatre Mogul & RTS production for Portugal for 5 seasons more than 30000 ticked sold in Portugal.

Please tell about Portugal as a filming destination.

In Lisbon everywhere we go takes 20 minutes or costs 20€!

We can offer lots of location diversity within 1 hours  drive & a great weather all year around.

From beach, to city modern landscape or mountains are all around Lisbon where all the filming facilities and crews are located.

004That’s our best skill….

Then, it is certainly the talent diversity, the top experienced crews as well as the number of good light hours we have between spring and autumn.

Portugal became a European filming destination because of its friendly & can do attitude not only towards tourists but as well as with film makers requirements.

We are still very economic compared to other North European countries and we provide great value for money. Portugal is one of the most reliable and a safe destinations to shoot all year around in the old south of Europe.

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