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Forums Pre-Production Forum American Western towns needed

This topic contains 12 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Bo Svensson 11 years, 10 months ago.

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  • Bo Svensson


    Photographs and/or list of locations used for American western towns, circa 1880s.

    Geographically we are looking for more plains than mountains, however this is not a strict requirement as mountains can be washed out if the need be.

    Ideally we are looking for locations that have an operational historic steam locomotive engine.

    These locations need to be in the US ideally.

    Please get in touch with locations.

    Matt Sherman

    Shane Moy

    Contact us right away as we may be able to help you out here in Sunny Florida!

    Lisa Collomb
    Main: 561 483-0477
    Toll Free: 877 231-7827(star)

    Chuck Elderd

    Hi Matt,

    I do location scouting primarily in North Texas. We do have a “Western Town” that has been in foreclosure the past year, but the current property investor is allowing film shoots to be done there. There is also a working steam locomotive that runs between Cowtown (FTW) & Grapevine, TX tho’ as these towns have become suburbs & out grown their Farm Community status you would have to shoot tight @ the RR Depots. Although the train does run thru rural areas of sorts.

    Also, there is a working locomotive steam train that runs between Palestine & Rusk, TX. These are still considered small towns, and one of the RR depots sits @ the rural edge of town, so you only see green park areas around.

    There is also a couple of “Western Towns” outside of El Paso, San Antonio & Austin that I could include in my scouting efforts for you. Tho’ they may not have working Trains.

    I would love to shoot new photos of these locations for you if yuo are ready to commit to hiring a Location Scout, please call me 214.459.0773-hm/ofc. I do have file photos of these afore mentioned locales, but I would definitely want to update them for you.

    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Danette Alberts
    Location Scout-Mgr
    & Casting Director


    In Nevada there are a couple good options for historic trains. First there is Ely train depot, link to photos here –, and second would be the Virginia Truckee railroad in Virginia City. Visit the website at Please get in touch with me for more info and contacts for both locales.


    Brian O’Hare

    Hi Mr. Sherman,

    Here is a link to various permanent western town sets in Texas:

    We have a large crew base and mild weather. Please advise if you’d like me to do further research.


    Bo Svensson
    713.818.0599 mob.

    Have not shot either the ‘station’ here or their locomotive. Don’t recall that locomotive is anywhere NEAR AS ‘authentic’ as the rest of this ‘town’.’
    Some bitchin’, real, authentic old steam locomotives in CA and CO though…

    Feryal Tukel

    Silverton Colorado & Gunnison Co.
    In Texas:

    Good Luck!

    Hello Marty!

    I live in New Mexico and we have 3 good western town movie sets here, all very near Santa Fe. None of them have working steam engines, although Cerro Pelon Ranch used for 3:10 To Yuma has tracks and a station, they brought in and removed the steam engine for the movie. The towns are Bonanza Creek, Eaves Ranch, and Cerro Pelon. They have been used for movies like 3:10 to Yuma, Appaloosa, The Missing, and many more.

    New Mexico also has a 25% rebate. Let me know if I can do any more for you.

    Scott Clark

    Scott Clark
    Location Scout
    skype: iwerken
    twitter: @iwerken

    kaz cai

    As far as finding everything (a pre-existing western town, with railroad tracks in the plains, with a steam engine) in one place, I’m not aware of it in New Mexico. Depending on the budget, you may have to transport the steam engine to a western town or build the town set near existing tracks that operates a steam engine or bring the engine to that location. Here are some photos of a partial western town in southern New Mexico that can be build up and possibly without any location fees (TBD). This location has some actual buildings that can be filmed both inside (interiors) and 360 exteriors along with 5000 acres of ranch land.

    Best of luck,


    Mark Bell
    Film Locations New Mexico
    Phone: (505) 228-4236
    Fax: (575) 622-1434
    Location Photographs:

    Mary Cruse

    We do NOT have the sets anymore (burned) but we do have the steam engines and plains, foothills, red hills locations. Have property and expertise for simple sets adjacent to track. Two 1920s steam engines and an 1891 steamer available in April.

    Railtown 1897 SHP
    Jamestown, CA

    Jerry Day

    Hi Matt,

    Here is a link to a few western towns in Montana that may work for you:

    Please give us a call at 800.553.4563 if you would like to discuss any of these locations further. Montana also offers a deep crew base and a myriad of production service providers.

    Montana Film Office

    Got just what you need – western towns, trains and more. Have a look at for more ideas in out 5000 photo location guide; then call or e-mail 24/7.

    Dave Wolin
    Yosemite / Madera County Film Commission

    There are a couple of choices for western towns in Colorado, as well as operating steam locomotives. Not all are in the same area.

    Feel free to contact us and we can give you more information.

    Ann Lukacs
    Location Scout / Manager
    Film Colorado

    Western North Carolina MAY have some Western Towns that could work for you…
    If we can assist, just let us know.
    Mike Hewett
    LOCATIONS…+, Inc.
    Wilmington, NC USA

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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