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Forums Pre-Production Forum Camera/Drone Entry and filming permit – Morocco

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  • Mark Thomas

    Hi – I need someone to help facilitate entry of two french citizens to Morocco with DSLR camera gear and a drone

    Also help with permission to shoot aerial footage whilst there

    Arriving 7 August

    any help and insight much appreciated

    Ibrahim Alturki

    Dear Mark,
    Kindly get in touch with me via email. I can assist you with all your needs ASAP. I’m a well experienced line producer and have one of the best crew available.

    Looking forward to it

    Plan C productions

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    You need more time than that to come here and shoot with Drones .
    There is a very efficient ,system here , but you have to follow the rules .
    I work as a fixer between the U.K. And Maric with a good company here , if you email me I will explain.
    It’s really busy here right now and a lot of people in administrations are in Holiday as well .
    So please allow time and plan ahead .
    Christian Mcwilliams
    Film location manager

    Ibrahim Alturki

    It takes about one week to get the authorizations! Whether for drone filming or regular shoot.
    And no one is on vacation, cuz if that’s the case then the country will simply stop operating!
    You can call CCM ( centre cinématographique marocain) yourself and check.
    The series Vikings is shooting in morocco as we speak, so with all due respect…there are no holidays for shooting a film!



    Dear Mark,

    We are a production service based in Marrakech , Morocco . and we can definitely help you with the permit and drone . you have a very tight schedule but we can help you no worries It would be really great if you could drop an e-mail to


    Fred Challa

    Hello Mark,

    It really depends on where you are shooting. If it is Marrakech, you need to deal with Marrakech authorities and so on.

    First, you need to get a shooting permit, which means you need to hire a Moroccan Company who would handle this for you, and handle the import / export issues including the drones. You need to provide full details of what you intend to shoot, where, when and at what altitude. List of technicians, budget allocated for Morocco, the budget as a whole, and eventually pay for the permit from the get go.

    The drones would need to be approved in Rabat by customs (it would be best if you sent the detailed list of the drones before you actually fly here), once done, then your production services company would need to get the approval from the local authorities where you are intending to shoot.

    No visas are necessary for french citizens.

    My company Dreamaker Productions, will be happy to assist you if you still need it.

    Please email me the details.
    Fred Challa

    There are lots of good companies here, Foad’s information is accurate and correct, and he does not come to work on a flying carpet, I would recommend him.
    Best to you, good luck,

    Fred Challa

    Thank you for your support Christian, I would say even more about you. You are by far someone who embraced Morocco and thus made it home for you. You have serviced the biggest productions of the world in Morocco as well, and one can only be humble enough to learn the trade from you.

    God bless you and your lovely family Christian.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by  Fred Challa.
    • This reply was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by  Fred Challa.
    • This reply was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by  Fred Challa.
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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