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  • Hello! We””re looking location for “cannelloni Western” type of features. Hidden unknown city without a railway, on the ”Mexican Texas border”. We””re looking for the exterior / mountain karst landscapes, stone desert, Mexican village, castle possibility to build izy wooden type pioneer town and partial interior connected with exterior are highly required / saloon, prison marshal ofice blacksmith”s shop, morgue, Local Newspapers mainlu shuted in studio / staging & blocking plan its very precise, locations mast fet menu blocking parameters.

    It””d be great, if possible location located close to aprox. 4000 m2 studio space, equipment and production base. We””ll need trained horsies, moderate number of extras and well-trained construction workers…

    We going to shoot it the mid – of 2011 .

    I””d appreciate for your proposals.

    Peca good afernoon! maybe this can work…see pics, and trained horses – vaialable there anytime, rental house, studio,etc – maximum 2 hours by car from the location on photo.

    I think Spain, and the Almeria desert in particular, is just the place you are looking for. Three existing western towns in the middle of a karst stone desert landscape, as many horses, waggons, stuntmen and others as you want available locally. We have just recently shot a children’s western there, so for more info please do not hesitate contacting me and checking out our credits / credentials under . If you want to call me, call me on my cell +34 609 50 87 88, since I am precisely today on my way there for a recce for a film.

    All the best,

    Peter Welter Soler
    Service Producer
    Fresco Film Services S.L.
    cell +34 609 508 788

    Hi there! Responding to you from El Paso, Texas, right on the Mexico border and yes, we have beautiful, natural backdrops for any type of western, and several areas that would be perfect for your western town; as well as lots of Mexico looks. I have created a location folder for you to access on line – please email me at and I will give you login info and password. We do not have studios in our area, but please know that we have many empty warehouses that have been converted to interior sets that have worked very well in the past, along with a very talented local set construction crew, art department crew, location management team, grip/electric and so on. It would be our pleasure to assist. Again, please email me for your location folder information. Texas also has a good incentive package for our area, depending on your specifics. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, Susie Gaines, Film Commissioner, El Paso Film Commission

    Mark Pittman

    MEXICO…..we have the western towns and Western Movie Experience. From the westerns of John Wayne to Sam Pekinpaw “The Wild Bunch” to Brad Pitt’s “The Mexican” and Antonio Banderas “And Pancho Villa Staring as Himself” plus many many more.

    We have lots of locations to choose from.

    Mark Pittman

    matt cooper

    Hola, The north of MExico has many diferent destinatios to offfer.
    Tijuana on the west border offers acces to the ex Fox studios where any kind of set up can be built, All the gear and necesities can come from LA which is less than 3hrs away. Very good amenities and crews, very easy acces from anywhere in the world.
    Here are a few images of what we find there
    Please contact me at for more info
    Thank you
    Raul Chapa
    G R E E N Productions

    Hello. Western films have been made in Tucson since the 1940’s, utilizing two different western towns, various desert landscapes, a strong crew base and downtown soundstage. With Arizona’s 30% tax credit on AZ production expenditures, we believe you’ll find Tucson worth your time and money. Give us a call at 520770.2151 or send an e-mail to: Thank you!

    We are the Mexican Film Commission and would like to offer our assistance in finding the perfect location for your film.

    These images are just a sample of what you can find in Mexico, particularly Durango, where several of the original John Wayne and Sam Pekinpah Westerns were shot. The State is also well known for the quantity and quality of its Movie Trained Horses and Horsemen.The capital city of Durango offers a soundstage FREE of charge. This space was conditioned for the soon to be released feature film Dragonball and remains a part of the state’s incentive program to attract film productions. Another advantage is that depending on how the location is showcased, the state government offers different incentives that make it very attractive for film productions to shoot there.

    At the country level, all foreign film productions may obtain the reimbursement of the 15% VAT.

    Below is our contact information; we hope to hear from you soon.

    Tel. +52 (55) 5448-5383 & 5448-5322

    Hello. There have been numerous Western’s filmed in Arizona in using several locations throughout the State. Arizona is unique in that it can replicate pretty much anywhere you would like. We also offer film tax incentives. For more information about those and other services of the State Film Office, please visit our website at: and/or call or email us at: 602.771.1193 or Thank you!

    Sorry people, my fault. Wi want location in the Mediterranean, possibly ex yu country’s.

    Gojko Mitic a famous Serbian director, actor, stuntman, and author. on GDR DEFA Studios Red Westerns Winnetou

    Hi Peca what about Ukraine (Crimea) ?

    Ukraine Crimea could work as well?

    hello Peca, writing from Zagreb..we might be able to match your needs, let me know which mail should i send the pictures to.
    Jope to hear from you soon.

    hello Peca, writing from Zagreb..we might be able to match your needs, let me know which mail should i send the pictures to.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)

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