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  • VK C

    I have to shoot a commercial in Barcelona but with Ukrainian casting. Does anybody know a casting director from there? Is it possible to take actors from there to Spain? Are there many visa problems?

    Dear Eva,
    Please send me over the brief and we’ll put together an offer for you.
    We have in house casting department at 23/32 Films.
    To answer your other questions: it is possible to bring actors but they’ll need visas to Spain. But we’ve done it many times before so there shouldn’t be a problem with that;).

    Skype: fabromeister


    Dear Eva,
    We would be more than happy to assist you with your request. We have in-house casting director, casting studio, wide range database and we are co-operating with other casting agencies as well.

    Please send us a brief and we will provide you with all the information regarding visa and cost!

    skype: alina.sharokhina

    Eva Blasco

    Dear Eva,
    we have a huge experience of working for service projects. We can provide you with a casting services and find the actors you are looking for. We have a huge database of professional actors, models, stunts.
    The ukrainians need to have a visa to go to Spain. It takes 5 working days to open it.
    Please send us the brief, and we could send you the references and a budget.

    For any further information, please contact us:


    +38 068 321 98 05

    We would be happy to meet your request!


    Dear Eva!

    We would gladly provide you with references and cost estimation for the project as soon as you send you the brief. We have an in-house casting department with a huge database that will match your every enquiry. Ukrainians need to have a visa to go to Spain but it will not be an obstacle. You could send the brief to me or directly to the casting department

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Rick Romaniuk

    Anna Laznya

    Dear Eva,

    My name is Anna and I represent ESSE Production House based in Kiev, Ukraine. We have an in-house casting and can help you with everything from the scratch including visa issues. Our casting database is solid and actors can be definitely brought to Spain.
    If you could send us a brief we’ll be happy to proceed with everything else.
    Please contact us at:
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Have a look at the actors here

    Hello, we have an in-house casting studio that provides actors for our shootings and shooting of some other production companies. You can contact me if you need an estimate: You can also check our website
    Yes, ukrainians need visa, it takes around a week to get it, you will need to provide an invitation on the company letterhead to the chosen actors.Will be happy to answer any other questions if you have any). Best. Nastya.

    I am the partner at AGENTSTVO.EU
    please have a look at our site to look for the actors
    if you fancy some of our actors we ll film the auditions and upload all the information for you and we ll take care of the visas for our actors.

    In case if you have not found an actor suitable for the roles you have in our site I can recommend you our partner Casting Director (though they wont work free of charge, but will charge resonable fair)

    In case you need a production service in Ukraine – dont hesitate to write me as my production company is ready to welcome you anytime.

    Best regards
    skype: YanaSemernya

    Olga Bova

    Dear Eva,

    My name is Olga. I represent production company SvetoforFilm, based in Kiev, Ukraine.
    We have casting director in-house and extensive base of actors.
    We have great experience in casting for production companies in such countries as Israel, Russia, Romania and others.
    We’ll arrange everything in such way that actors will come to Spain for shooting without any visa problem.
    Please, have a look at our casting presentation.
    Please, contact us for further information.

    Best regards,
    Olga Bova

    Kyiv, Ukraine
    cell: +38 067 715 79 73
    office: +38 044 234 50 73
    skype: olga.bova

    I’m looking to shoot a full length feature in Odessa, Ukraine in 2016. Is it safe to film there now? Are there some resources that could help me with pre production and hiring crew?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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