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  • Hi; I’m a Location Manager working in London and I’ve been asked to look into finding a location for a corporate event with-in an hours drive/helicopter flight from West Palm Beach. We are looking at all the usual options (hunting, shooting, deep sea fishing etc.etc.) but my client wants something more spectacular to entertain these jaded Brokers. We have a reasonably good budget ($100k for the day) and I was thinking along the lines of staging some-sort of “Special Ops” event based in and around an abandoned town or industrial area using local stunt men, armorers and production designers to help make the event more “filmic”. I am flying to Miami tomorrow to look at options and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions?

    I have been Producing events out of Orlando for 19 years and there are no so-called abandoned towns especially in South-Florida. With that kind of budget, you could certainly find a small town such as Brooksville which is the Civil War Historical town, then find reinactors and put together a mock battle for the day. Brooksville is in Central-Eastern Region of Florida. Airport is St. Petersburgh and Clearwater. That would be creative, most certainly not boring and Historical as well. West Palm is a ritzy area setup with Miami look restaurants and bars and big Hotels. Its jammed packed with people everywhere all the way to the Keys. I would think your Clients would want and need more privacy. In Brooksville, I can get you a quant Hotel that is Historical in Nature, reinactors for a mock battle, Helicopter service and Video of the whole day on DVD for around $15,000.00 USD. Call me if interested please: John Vizzusi, Sights & Sounds Films Mobile USA Phone: 1-407-310-2774 or E-Mail:
    You can’t deny this would be a very cool day for your clients. The Miami area could never give you something like this for any money!
    John Vizzusi, Producer-Director-Locations

    Tom Fallon

    Welcome to Florida Andrew!
    If you can make it up to Northeast Florida, we have a place called Camp Blanding here, a US Army WW2 training facility that is now run by the Florida National Guard. We have filmed several features here, GI Jane, Basic, Tigerland and several TV shows like the FOX reality series Boot Camp. They have an urban warfare training facility called the MOUT, I have no idea what that stands for, but depending on dates, it may be possible. Check out this video of a large paint-ball event they host there.
    We also have remote beaches, for seal type helo drops, etc, and plenty of jungle terrain.
    The photos shown are of Big Talbot State Park – part of GI Jane shot here as well.
    Anyway, let me know if you think we can help.
    Tom Fallon
    (904) 219-7781 cell

    Hi Andrew,

    I would think since you would be in the area of South Florida, you would want to take advantage of the unique water areas here including the turquoise clear blue ocean, the offshore islands and the Florida Everglades. The Miami area is a little more than 1 hr to drive and obviously less than that by helicopter. Something could be done off-shore on a barrier Island or Stiltsville. Stiltsville has some of the most beautiful water around here with white sandbars. The Everglades area also very cool and unique – there are some amazing spots including islands in the wetlands. We have creepy looking cypress swamps fully dressed with alligators. The out islands in the Keys are also very spectacular.

    We have a the largest selection of stunt people in South FL and to stunt coordinators. We have a local second unit director who has choreographed stunts and car chases in top movies. Please see the attached photos. The dock photo is at one of the stilt houses. The house with the palm trees and the 300 ft long lock on the sandbar is on an offshore island in the Lower Florida Keys (This is further away but a one of kind place. The largest and one of the few private islands in The Florida Keys)


    Rick Ambrose

    Hello Andrew! Welcome to U.S. and beautiful Florida. I handle the many wonderful and diversified locations in America’s oldest city St. Augustine, Florida. Feel free to call or email me anytime to discuss specific locations in NE Florida to Ocala, Jacksonville to Daytona Beach! cheers! Rick Ambrose and The St. Augustine Film Office.

    Rick Ambrose

    Hello Andrew! Welcome to U.S. and beautiful Florida. I handle the many wonderful and diversified locations in America’s oldest city St. Augustine, Florida. Feel free to call or email me anytime to discuss specific locations in NE Florida to Ocala, Jacksonville to Daytona Beach! cheers! Rick Ambrose and The St. Augustine Film Office.

    Tammy Stone

    Hi Andrew. Since you used the word “filmic” in your description I would suggest Orlando and Universal Studios. You can go backlot or soundstage, we could even get some crew and gear and do a video of them. Stunt guys I can hook you up no problem. You might consider letting your clients do some stunt driving on our race course…..
    Airboat rides are exciting, fun and a uniquely swamp activity. NASA space center is 45 minutes from Orlando and they tell me they want some special event activity. Skydiving also available. Orlando area fits into your 1 hour by helicopter criteria.
    I think together we could create something great for them.
    Here’s the down side, I am in Spain right now and return to Orlando on the 15th. I could put you in touch with an assistant if you need help before then. If I can help, let me know.

    Tammy Stone

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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