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Forums English field/s?

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  • UK Location Manager working on a comedy for Sky. We need to film for three weeks on location in the “English” countryside but the shoot is scheduled for October so we’re looking abroad for alternatives. Can anyone suggest anywhere that might work? Ideally we need smaller fields with hedgerows and rolling hills and better weather than England in October!

    Anysay Keola

    Hi Andrew
    I’d like to recommend Ontario, Canada. Beginning of October the temps will be around 18C-20C and still with sunny days.
    Whole country was built on British influences. I don’t think we would have any problem there.
    here is a link for general view of fields in Ontario

    We would be happy to help you with your inquires


    Hi Andrew,
    if you could upload or send by Email some references would be great.
    I’m sure I can help you finding the perfect location.
    Daniel Alvarez

    Hi Andrew ,
    i ‘ll be happy to suggest you to shoot this in INDIA, we have right locations which you are looking for , please have a look on some of reference picture .
    we are here to provide you best of best possible ground for shoot .if you brief me more by mail, i will send more option . in a very cost effecting budget .

    dharmendra singh
    +91 9833084766
    Skype : dharmendra1232
    mail me –

    Hi Andrew,

    I would suggest the Basque country here in France.
    In and around Euskaldunak to be precise.The weather is good in October.
    Feel free to get in touch.
    With kind reagrds,

    Antoine SABARROS
    Portable : 06 11 54 13 59

    Dear Andrew,

    Morocco will be ideal for such a shoot! Especially if you think logistics and it’s competitive prices.

    Kindly send your email with a brief, so I can share some potential locations through Dropbox files with an estimate as well.

    Looking forward to it


    Plan C productions

    Amit Nair

    Hello Andrew, you’ve also thought of filming in Italy? Here we have many locations such as those that you have requested, we hope to be useful for your project.
    I would be very happy to be able to give a hand.
    Feel free to contact me anytime.
    I enclose some proposals.
    See you soon

    Nicola Di Terlizzi
    Location Manager

    hanif noor

    Hi Andrew,

    Have you considered South Africa as an option?

    South Africa is commonly used to double for the English, and other European, countrysides. It offers excellent location options as well as casting options to boot and top of the notch film infrastructure i.e. crew, equipment, production services and hospitality.

    I think the “Thousand Hills,” or the midlands, outside of Durban would be great options. October will be the middle of Spring so the hillsides will be lush and green and very hospitable for your team :-)

    Please contact me for more information.

    I hope to hear from you soon!
    +27 72 387 1022

    I do agree there are many places in India that will match to an extent with some of the locations in UK. Because these locations that I am suggesting to you are those the Britishers were found for us, when they were ruling India. That is why I am so sure that these locations would be a match to those that you are looking for. In South it is easy for shooting the period that you mentioned. Towards north the month is not that suitable to shoot freely it will be the same as it will be in England.

    However I am sending you some pictures from the south from one location there are many such locations to be precise all of them lying around the western ghats and all as per the history says found by Britishers for their summer vacation while they were ruling India.

    I have nearly 50 years of experience for shooting in India, please log on to to know more about me and my company and the work that we did in the past. Should you requre any sort of references from UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland I would be pleased to forward the same to you.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Venugopal Nair
    Apus Pictures.

    Chad Gray

    Hi Andrew,

    I suggest Southern Russia: similar landscape, dramatic colors in the fall, lots of sunshine
    and, most importantly, (1) due to sanctions and currency crisis which lowered Rouble vs. soaring Pound you will save 50-70 per cent of you budget (2) Russians have a similar sense of humour and highly creative with well understood anecdotes comparable to British jokes.
    I have excellent contacts with local administration who would be interested to render administrative support as well as long as their locations become famous thanks to Sky.
    Pls find attached only 4 photos and let me know of your email, so that I provide you with a few dozens of more photos. Best, Eugene Zykov President & Founder of Russian Film Commission — Film-Media Cell: +7 (905) 545 34 14 (also via Facetime/Viber/Whatsup)

    Adam Thal

    Hello Andrew,
    I am pleased to recommend you South Italy as ideal location for your project.
    Feel free to contact me for further details.
    good luck
    Massimo. +39 335 545 1264 .

    Hi Andrew,

    Have you considered the Dordogne area (Southwest France)? The Dordogne area can offer a wide range of fields and landscapes which might suit your search, and the weather is still pleasant in October.
    Could you please tell me more about your project?

    Feel free to contact me for any further information!

    Looking forward to welcoming you to the Dordogne in the near future!
    All the best

    Fanny Van-Tornhout
    Dordogne Film Commission

    Dear Andrew,

    Please find below a few refference pictures from Romania. Weather in October is ussualy warm, with temperatures averaging 60 F and reaching up to 77 F during daytime. Please let me know if you consider Romania as a possible location, I can send you more pictures and information about our company and experience in international film production. Looking forward to hearing from you!


    HI Andrew,
    here we go again , please have a look some more reference ,,

    Dharmendra singh
    +91 9833084766
    +91 9820132191
    Skype : dharmendra1232

    mail me :

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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