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  • I have just started pre on a documentary series that will basically be filming a backpacking adventure. The producer is reluctant to get film permits as he does not want to be “chaperoned” through each country and thinks they can get away with being tourists. I, however, think it is best to get film permits for every country, places include Azerbaijan, Turkey, Nepal, India, China (inc. Tibet), Vietnam, Thailand and Georgia. There will be minimal amount of kit (and only three people actually on the shoot/trip) and they will be filming with a small camera, such as a V1. I’m also concerned that if they don’t have permits, people will be suspicious as to why they entered the country on business visas. The alternative is to get them tourist visas, but that really does feel way too risky. What are people’s thoughts on film permits please? Thanks for your help!

    Get permits!!! Go through the tourist people and or local film offices. Take a look at the AFCI web page. They represent film commissions world wide.

    Having a chaperon is not a problem unless you are going to be controversial. They can be very useful. They may not insist on being with you throughout anyway.

    good luck

    Liana Jaqeli

    Hi, I’m producer from Georgia. I can organize shotings in Georgia and Azerbaijan. We have strong partners In Baku. There would not be any problems with permission. So if yo are interesed please e-mail me at
    Good luck,

    Tavi Stavila

    Hi, my name is Ramses, I work for Godolphin Films in Tunisia, North Africa. we can provide you the appropriate assistance for your shooting in the conditions you described. we all ready did with a small crew from Irlande. Tunisia’s landscape are great as background for adventure, the people are freindly and the local crew, if needed, is high skilled and not expensive compared to european crew. Please feel free ton contact me ( and I will give more details. Regards. Ramses.


    This is Junaid Memon from NOMAD FILMS India, i can help you for shooting permists in India, please email your requirements on

    Best Regards

    Eric Brown

    Hi this is pak from A Grand Elephant in Thailand – I agree with Bill ayes that you should get film permission as it will be a help more then a hinder. Also, For Thailand you will need a local coordinator.
    Good luck with the shoot.

    Pak Chaisana

    Dear Joanna,
    It is advisable to get a filming permit if you are planning to shoot in India – you would need one to get in your gear anyway.
    If you need any assistance you can write to me at
    Best regards,

    jo ewens

    Please call A New Life Film if you need help with permits in China.

    Your best bet in India is to come in on tourist visas and shoot. That will give your director the feel he’s looking for. Your gear is the kind any tourist carries today. In any case, if you apply for a business visa for filming, you will have to first provide a film script before you get a visa – this is a laborious bureaucratic process. Call us if you need any help in India – we’re a production house that specialises in documentary shoots, and can provide you a local fixer and filming permits. Karan Singh +919811709008

    Jim Edgar

    my name is jaouhar i’m the UK representative of Internatinal Monastir Film Services.
    tunisia will be a great location for your needs and it’s just two hours and fourty minutes from the Uk.
    for more details contact me on 07921366799 or email

    good luck

    Laura Nash

    Hi Joanna. You are right. We provide visa sponsorship for productions shooting in Australia. With the correct visa, most insurances are invalidated because the entry is illegal. In Australia you need an Entertainment Visa (sub class 420) if the documentary is ever to be offered for screen in Australia. If the rights don’t allow sale to Australia, you can do it on a 423 visa. . The problem with illegal entry is if something goes wrong and someone is injured, then the authorites will find out you have no workcover insurance which is illegal. So not having the right visa can have a cascading effect. Councils, local government authorities and National Park require permits and they will jump on you if you don’t have them. As with all things, you might get away with breaking the law but it is not very professional and if you get caught you have a record for life. Next time you want to come in to the country, they might not let you. If we can help let me know.

    Laura Nash

    Sorry. I mean WITHOUT the correct visa

    Dilip Ahuja

    Joanna, we are in the business for over 25 years and work closely with international clients.

    The Sony HVR-V1E camera is small enough, BUT wouldn’t pass as being used for amateur hobby filming.

    The need for permits will be reliant on the areas where you wish to shoot. It is not essential that you need to furnish a script for everything you film in India.

    My advice would to be enter into a dialogue with the Indian High Commission closest to you and tell them you wish to shoot an international travelogue in India. A travelogue does not require a detailed script, so that allows you to shoot just about anywhere except areas of sensitive nature from the commonsense as well as the Indian government point of view. When you make such an application to the Indian High Commission, they will be forced to write to you. This way you are on record as having approached the authorities. Let them tell you whether a permit is required or not. (IVI/1)

    Dilip Ahuja

    Their first question will be about the areas you wish to shoot in and if you wish to do any filming at any archeological sites or protected monuments. If your answer is yes, then you will be required to approach the Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi, which gives you such permissions and will facilitate your approaching the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). We have shot documentaries extensively at monuments for Unesco and can help you with such permits. If you do not wish to shoot at protected monuments, then the Ministry will not get involved and will tell you that you do not need their clearance. Then you will need to deal with issues accordingly and ensure that you work with the local authorities so that the work is carried out in their know and in accordance with the local rules. What you should do is have a knowledgeable and experienced local fixer/support company manage your shoot. We can guide you with all the immigration, customs and local support across India. (IVI/2)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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