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Forums Fixer For Argentina, Chile, And Brazil

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  • Kim Leong

    We are looking for a fixer with experience organizing for film productions in “at least two” of the following places: Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

    I am especially interested in Iguazu Falls area, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Chile countryside, and Rio de Janeiro. I am working on two films (both feature films) and a low budget travel series.

    Film: One of the films is considering locations in South America/Caribbean. The other film is considering locations in Europe (Croatia and Portugal) and Morocco.

    Travel Series Locations: The travel series will include locations from both regions (South America/Caribbean and Europe). The travel series will be primarily posted online for Vimeo and Youtube. The film will have a theatrical releases (released in theaters), live streamed, and then released On-Demand.

    I have released the “pilot” of this series, which is called Travel Quest. You can visit my newly revised Youtube channel, now called Merri Christi Explorer, to see the first show. It is 2 minutes long, but the series will have longer episodes and 3-5 episodes for this first season. See ‘Travel Series – Marketing Tool” below for more information on this series. Youtube page

    Local Crew and Incentives:
    We will hire local crew for the films, so a strong local film production professional community in these locations is very important. Also, I am considering a strong casting director to help cast a few of the major roles with experienced and notable actors. I am the lead protagonist in the film. The film partially draws from my actual former career as a museum/artifact research specialist and a few actual experiences. Also, having a strong production equipment facility and good film incentives are important as well.

    For the travel series, I will likely just use my own equipment, but may recruit one or two additional crew members including a videographer/photographer who can also do photo shoots for our marketing of the series online.

    Travel Series -Marketing Tool:
    The travel series is a low budget project, which will have me traveling to destinations as the host and sharing why these locations are perfect for explorers in the 25-47 age range. I will be showing archaeological sites, historical architecture, beautiful natural landscapes, beaches or mountains, music and dance (I may volunteer to work with a dance or music organization for two days to contribute to the local artist culture), and nightlife. The audience I have for my brand as a rising filmmaker, recording artist, and author are travel-enthusiasts and explorers in that 25-47 age range.

    So, we are using the travel series to become a marketing tool for the upcoming films and also to boost tourism to these locations. This series, currently named Travel Quest, will introduce me and my character to a larger audience and prepare them for when the film comes out. The locations for this travel series will include locations from both South America/Caribbean and Europe and Morocco. The travel series will be primarily posted online for Vimeo and Youtube. The films will be released in theaters, live stream online, and On-Demand.

    Website Links:
    To learn more about us our website is Also look here

    The Film Media Center page is where you will see the first episode of the travel series Travel Quest (just 2 minutes long for that episode) and information about the first feature film I mentioned. We’re posting another episode of the travel series within two weeks, which we produced awhile back. The first feature film I spoke of earlier is under the name Tangerine Skies.

    Email: My name is Merri.

    Pancho Casagrande

    Hello Merri
    I’m Pancho Casagrande, Location Manager and Fixer in South America. Based in Argentina.

    You can see the interview they did to me in this web site
    You can see my Youtube channel with some of the productions in which I worked.

    Argentina has multiple varieties of possible locations for a project.

    It also offers a large film industry specialized in receiving foreign filming equipment.
    We have some good production companies that can give you the service production.

    Kind Regards

    Location Manager / Fixer
    0381-154 56 35 38 N.O.A
    011-153 216 0286 Bs As
    ##54 9381 456 3538 Outside Argentina
    Skype. panchocasagrande

    nota. tené en cuenta el medioambiente antes de imprimir este mail

    Kim Leong

    Thank you Pancho! I will visit your links today.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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