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  • Lindsay Mann

    I’m looking for a Californian-based fixer who can show the crew around, help liaise with locations and generally keep us in the right direction. It’s for an Irish production company coming to film in the California area during June/July.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hello Roisin,

    We can help out with your California needs. My number and e-mail below.

    Bradley Avery
    Safehouse LA
    +1 310 804 4340

    I can assist in any Northern California sites. Please view my website
    Joe Madalena, Producer/LocationManager

    HI Roisin

    I am a Los Angeles based Location Scout and Manager and would love to help you guys out when you come over to shoot in California. I will be happy to email you my resume or you can see it at my website at . Though I have been in CA for 25 years and South Africa and England before that in actual fact and despite my accent I grew up in Co Cork just outside Kinsale and went to school in Co Meath so it would be great to host /help you all out if /when you come to California. June July works for me since it is just before I will likely be starting on “Workaholics” Season 5 !

    Alasdair Boyd
    Cell 213.618.2643 Fax 213-927-3646

    I have availability and can help you.

    Mindy Canter
    All Location Properties
    Location Scout/Manager

    Hello Murray and Roisin,

    As per your request,

    I have large experience in features films/commercials/documentaries.

    As a fixer I can help you in all matters to produce in California. (Transpo/accomodation)
    I have a very good deal with a camera/lights rent house based in LA and very skilled for scouting.

    323 570 6104
    Alex Levi


    Hello, Please give me a call or email at your earliest convenience. I would be happy
    to talk to you about your work here in California.

    Thank you, Nancy Haecker
    Location Manager

    You should hire Alasdair Boyd for this job.

    I have the unique distinction and pleasure of having had Alasdair work directly for me from time to time over the years. I cannot think of a more appropriate person to assist you with what you have loosely outlined.

    If Alasdair somehow becomes unavailable, then Nancy Haeker would only be a second choice because of Alasdair’s unique background that relates so completely with who you are. They are both indeed first choices.

    Seeing that both of these fine candidates have shown interest, I would not bother putting my own hat in the ring. I’m sure there are others in this group that would be great, but I cannot speak to their abilities like I can for Alasdair and Nancy.

    You’re in excellent hands and you haven’t even started.


    Scott Allen Logan
    Location Manager
    Loganfilm, inc.
    12100 Wilshire Blvd Ste 200
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    P.S. This recommendation still comes very strong even after witnessing such a lame and cringeworthy crowbar of a name-drop as Aladair pulled with his reference to “Workaholics”, Season Five. (Whatever that is)

    Hi Roisin

    You know to be fair that if you got Logan on your team he is extraordinarily talented….I mean that if you decided to shoot on Location in say hell for example that you would head down there and find Logan having cocktails with the Devil and telling you where to park. Of course if you had Nancy, she would have brought the cocktails and Old Nick would be telling you where to park your trucks and equipment and clearing it with Nancy.

    Later Alasdair.

    Anurag Gupta

    Hello Roisin,

    I saw your ad for a fixer in California and I believe we have your solution. Milk & Honey Films is a production services company with our headquarters being directly in the heart of Hollywood. We are able to offer services of any kind (from a single liaison to a full production and more) at competitive costs. We can certainly offer you a fixer at a lower price than the average freelancer.

    To learn more about us, please see

    And feel free to contact me directly at for more details. Looking forward to hearing from you.




    Our experienced team stands ready to assist you in any and all location/ location permitting, equipment and, or production needs throughout California.

    323.667.3456 (FILM)

    Hugo Cran

    Hi Roison,

    Let me jump in here and also recommend 3 of the folks that have replied to you. Alastair Boyd, Nancy Haecker and Scott Logan are all top notch Location Scouts/Managers.

    Granted Alastair can’t shoot as well as me, Logan is crazier than me and Nancy is the ‘other’ Nancy. You can’t go wrong with any of these folks.


    Nancy Lazarus
    Location Scout/Manager

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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