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Forums Fixer needed in Johannesburg

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  • Hello,
    My name is Ulf Arvidsson and working as an researcher for a Swedish productions company called Nexiko. We are producing a TV series called ”Six Degrees Of Separation”. And in this moment we have a team of 7 traveling to Johannesburg, very random and spontaneous But this project is a very unusual and quiet amazing.

    And we need quickly a fixer today! What we roughly need is transport and a driver, who also can be a some sort of guide as well.

    Please email me at

    Thanks in advance!


    Ulf Hi, when exactly is your team arriving and what will they be doing, do you need location permits and what about gear and visas?

    Linda Elsdon

    Hi Ulf I am writing this on Monday 21 March.
    So glad you got in touch with me and that together my colleague Nicky Troll and I were able to assist. I believe your shoot was successful and your team safely got off on their flights to New York last night.
    For future reference my email is and my phone number is +27 83 259-6324.
    All the best

    Everything is solved and done!

    Thank you, it was a pleasure to make contact with you!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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