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Forums Pre-Production Forum Fixer/s needed for Morocco/Western Sahara/Mauritania

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  • We are looking for experienced fixers in Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania for an adventure expedition we are shooting in April.
    Any suggestions please send them my way!

    Oh and we also need one for Senegal!

    hi Liz, i am based in marrakech morocco, and might be able to help. the western sahara might be tricky at the moment, but i have moroccan colleagues who could help you who i work with all the time.

    Lee Reading

    Hi Liz,i am based in Ouarzazate and i might help in all Morocco including “the Western sahara”.




    Lee Reading

    Hi Liz,i am based in Ouarzazate and i might help in all Morocco including “the Western sahara”.




    My name is Brahim Belghiti i am pruducer @ videorama company,
    We have the leadership on production market in morocoo. there we joingned a link with some references,
    don’t ever hesitate to contact as for any requiry.
    our email is:
    best regards

    Hi there:
    Read your ad and might be of help. i’ve got extensive experience filming in morocco for over 15 years. As you might know, the Western Sahara is a non self governing territory and therefore needs proper request to film there due to the political instability. Mauritania needs complete different permits than morocco being another country. My question is what do you want to film, where, how long and when, foreign crew and equipment info.
    if you need to discuss in more detail please do not hesititate to contact me.


    Roland Chang

    Dear liz, Marocco all cool , no problem.
    But for Mauritania : there are no ‘real fixers’. I have lived in Mauritania as a child and I have walked through Mauritania for monthes doing documentaries_when I was in my 20 & 30th_ by feet and driving by car, until 10 years ago. Mauritania has become a ‘dangerous’ place and ‘bad’ people can harm you there these days. Westeners get robbed, hijacked and killed in Mauritania, especially when they see them arrive with cameras and tech equipment , cars ad securities. There is no security who would sell’ there ‘ars’ for a westerners. Be carefull before you post any requests on Mauritania. I think the producer shall know. best Ines Stephan,

    Roland Chang

    Following link a documentary I wanted to shoot in Mauritania back in 1998 but I actually stopped as for the instable sitauaion there

    As for Morocco I produced ca 50 tvc and severall documantaries there, our reel for Morocco to be seen on following link:

    Ines Stephan

    Hi Liz,
    Our company Dune Films can provide with experienced fixers.
    We just finished a shoot of a documentary last week in the westen Sahara.
    We will be very happy to collaborate with you.
    Please contact us at: or
    Tel: +212 524 43 10 92/94

    Dear Liz ,

    iam producer tv with experience of working with international channels like bbc world , channel 4 , al jazeera……

    we have comapny of tv production in moritanya and senegal , so we can provide you fixers , cameras , editing…….

    you can contact me in my email

    best wishes

    Kaye Elliott

    Hi Liz,

    We are a production and service company based in Tunisia, and have a lot of the locations you are looking for. We have 20 years of experience, have serviced StarWars for two episodes, 9miles down, Flandres, and many english, american and French movies, you can take a look at our website:
    If you need information on Tunisia, pictures, prices, ect, do not hesitate to contact me at 00216 99301660, or send me an email at

    Dan Wright

    I can help you in the Senegal, ofcourse I can help you in the other countries too if you still need help. E-mail me:

    i am jamal souissi from Tangerine Cinema Services..WE CAN DO THIS WORK FOR YOU;;;JUST SEND US MORE INFORMATION ; about you adventure expedition ,,,, to be able to give you the wright ansewers and correct work from all aspects of organising this production…
    all the best..

    Jamal Souissi
    00212 661 290 704

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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