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  • Production during coronavirus | Film Victoria (Australia)
    Updated as at 15 April 2020

    Production businesses and film sets are classified as workplaces in Victoria, Australia and can continue to operate under the current measures. As with all businesses in Victoria, they are required to follow the latest guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene measures in the workplace, whether it is in a studio or outdoors. Penalties apply to those businesses who are in breach of these guidelines.

    The Australian Government’s physical distancing fact sheet contains information on what physical distancing means in Australian workplaces and in public.

    The Business Victoria hotline has been established to support businesses who are seeking advice on how to operate during this time. Contact the Business Victoria hotline on +61 3 13 22 15 or by using the Business Victoria Contact Us form at

    For more information on production in Victoria, visit

    Andrea Gorddard

    Hi Murray and hello everyone from Sydney. I hope you are all doing well and surviving this unprecedented time in our lives. It’s a very challenging period personally and a big change to us professionally, but none harder than those working on the front line around the world, who we all applaud from the bottom of our hearts.

    We have been in lockdown in Australia since March 22nd with production all on hold. Our Government guidelines with social distancing are that we can only be in groups of 2 with 1.5metres apart, only to venture out for essential services; food shopping, medical and exercise… both making production not possible at this time. We also have an isolation period of 14 days for anyone entering Australia (resident or not) in a hotel, so the international crews have also stopped.

    Our industry has had a large hit with productions put on on hold and many jobs lost….but there has been a fantastic spirit of support for each other. Lots of positive and encouraging blogs, messages on many of the industry Facebook pages, LinkedIn posts and from our state and national agencies such as Screen Australia. The Australian Government is also providing (if eligible) a number of income support payments which the Production industry are madly applying for particularly with its large freelance pool.

    Behind front doors there is a lot of creative thinking going on with ways to work through this period…how can I use this down time positively and put it to good use? Tidy up your business “housekeeping”, mix up your marketing, expand your network, tweak and make a twist to your website or Instagram account…there seems to be a “good energy” in households and future planning being put in place for when we get to the other side of this. Our production industry family has been very supportive of each other which has been fantastic.

    I believe that when this is over production will be up and running pretty quickly as everyone is preparing for it in this downtime and we all miss it enormously.

    Wishing you all the best…Andrea

    Andy Nguyen

    Hi All,

    Greetings from Vietnam! I hope that you and your families are safe.

    The pandemic in Vietnam is under control now. The government responded very early and made decisive and efficient actions to protect the people.

    There haven’t been any new cases infected for nearly two weeks in the community. The country lockdown has been eased gradually since 25th March. We are coming to normal lives. It is fine to film now in Vietnam. However, international flights are not allowed. Domestic flights are coming back to regular schedules.

    I hope that I can welcome you back in June.

    Take care and stay safe!

    Andy Nguyen
    +84 9 1331 5445

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    Dear All,
    How are you? We hope you are healthy and motivated for a new start. The world is in need of good storytelling now more than ever.
    A few words from us at Red Production Serbia, during the COVID19 lockdown situation, we have had more than six projects filming for foreign and local clients, with clients such as Vileda, Eurovision, Frikom. We provided them with a virtual Internet presence using the platforms and procedures.
    Beside working from a distance we can suggest you come here, feel safe and work in a similar manner as before. Our borders in Serbia are once again open for traveling and we have free entry without the need of Coronavirus tests. Bars and restaurants are open and spring is in full swing. In addition to Serbia where life has returned to normal, Montenegro is a Corona free country with zero infections at the present time, one of the few in the whole world, and Croatia where we have 0 per day new cases for the past few days, allowing the country to prepare for tourists.
    Even with these positive circumstances developing, we are still taking all of the precautions necessary during filming as recommended by the Chamber of Commerce and Film Commission. Above that, we have our own even more strict procedures to keep the crew safe and able to work.
    Our airports are open, we have flights connecting us to every major city in Europe. And we are looking forward to working with you as soon as you have suitable projects.
    Thank you, and stay well,
    Red Production
    contact: ,

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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