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Forums Independent Documentary Shot in Russia and Kazakhstan (Oct-Nov2016)

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  • Hi,

    I am a producer / director of an independent documentary series Czas Drogi which is now at the pre-production stage. We are looking for crew help during our time in Russia and possibly Kazakhstan in October / November. We will be travelling from the Lithuanian border all the way to Troitsk over the course of 30 days (maximum).

    We are mainly looking for Fixers (translating, location scouting, occasional driving) or even Coproducers in these areas, but any help will be valued as this is our first time shooting in Russia and Kazakhstan.

    We are a crew of 4 people, with 2 people (+ gear) travelling in a car and 2 people travelling on a tandem bicycle from Poland to Kazakhstan (more about the project itself below). Because we are not supported by any company or a TV station, we will be financing this film mostly ourselves and therefore we are mainly looking for people who want the experience of working on such a project and are willing to offer us favourable rates for their services.

    Czas Drogi follows a story of a young couple travelling from Poland to Kazakhstan on a Tandem Bicycle within 2 months. Starting at the end of September, Szymon and Adrianna plan to make a 5000km journey from Poland through Lithuania, Latvia, Russia through to the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana. They plan on getting to know and absorbing local culture of each place they visit, which includes following places:
    – Dzūkija National Park, Lithuania
    – Trakai Island Castle, Lithuania
    – Vilnius, Lithuania
    – Daugavpils, Latvia
    – Rāzna National Park, Latvia
    – Velikiye Luki, Russia
    – Moscow, Russia
    – Kazan, Russia
    – Chelyabinsk, Russia
    – Troitsk, Russian border with Kazakhstan
    – Astana, Kazakhstan

    Most of the story, however, will include local people and places which are not as popular as the ones listed above. We are excited to visit eastern countries and the main objective for our film is to show that travelling to such places can be easy, affordable and most importantly – safe.

    Please contact me on
    if you would be interested or you simply require more information.

    Best Regards
    Marcin Olczak

    Chad Gray

    Dear Marcin Olczak,

    I have excellent contacts in Lithuania, Kazakhstan and, definitely, in Russia (possibly in Latvia
    since I have not often been or long-distance coordinated there). All the locations are quite
    well-known. Coproduction is possible, of carefully discussed. I have a great coproducer in
    Kazakstan, whose film Corn Island was an Oscar nominee in 2015. We may carefully discuss your project and find cost-effective creative options, if you contact me. Best,
    Eugene Zykov, President & Founder Russian Film Commission — Film-Media
    Cell: +7 905 545 34 14 (also via Facetime/Viber/Whatsup)

    Dear Marcin,

    My name is Arsenio Utekhin, I’m the owner of Saint Petersburg Production Team ( We will be very glad to help you in organizing your project. Our company has a great experience in filming documentary series in Russia, we can help you in any place throughout Russia. Could you please send me some further information about your project and some information about the help needed. Please contact me via e-mail:

    Sincerely yours,

    Dear Marcin, your project sound fascinating

    I am an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Russian – English TV producer. I worked for international and domestic news for Russian-English speaking broadcast and online projects. Working as a News producer for several years, and living in Moscow and London, I am Fluent in English, Russian, I can research contacts, organise location, interviews, anything needed across Russia and CIS, I hold a driving license and can drive if required. Please see all projects for international clients I have accomplished on Also please feel free to browse my TVDATA facebook below. Here is a link to a recent project for an Indonesian tv company RCTVI


    t.UK +447922274952
    t.Ru +79255026511
    t.US +13478517101


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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