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This topic contains 39 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  Laura Girtaite 10 years, 11 months ago.

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  • Hello, we are looking for a lake proper to shoot in water in January. The lake should look like lakes located in Blatic states ( can”t shoot in our region, cos in January we have freezing winter and the script is based on water entertainment.

    Hi There,

    Come to Ireland… We’ve lots of lakes here, that shouldn’t be frozen and could look similar to Lithuania, although it might be cold!

    Thanks Doireann

    Rok Ban

    Hi Laura, same here, loads of lakes around Berlin, but cold too. if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me

    Hi, please, check us:
    How about Patagonia in Argentina
    Weather in January is great, as it is the middle of the summer…
    Please, email me to:

    Hello here in the Basque Country we have some lakes ressembling the ones in Lituania. First and second are at about 10 kms from our Film studios and the third and fourth one at about two hours by car.
    Contact us for further information.

    Kind regards
    Daniel Peña

    Andy Wilson

    some photos of the Sainte-Croix Lake located in southeastern France, it’s not freezing in January…
    South of France Film Commission – Var

    Additional information – according to the scirpt, people will be swiming in the lake, so we need appropriate weather conditions. In this case Ireland and Berlin are not suitable locations.

    Fiona Pate

    We also have a few lakes in Wallonia, but you don’t specify the size of the lake you need !!! Would you please give us more information. The weather could be sweet (about + 10°C ) but it also could be frosty (about – 10 °C) it depends to one year to another …
    Marc Bossaerts
    manager of Hainaut Film Office (BATCH)

    Adam Thal

    Hi Laura,

    think Sicily (South Itay).
    Do not hesitate to contact me for futher details.

    Massimo . +39 3355451264 .

    Here are some pictures of Lake Tahoe taken on 11-15-10. Sorry that I only had my iphone with me, but they came out fairly well.

    Pavel Cerny

    Greetings from Santiago de Compostela Film Commission. In less than one hour from the city of Santiago, you can reach several dams and reservoirs and even a couple of lakes. Check us out at and hope you like the pictures.

    Dear Laura,

    I have just seen your post. Please let me correct my colleagues, since neither Santiago de Compostela, nor the Basque country nor the Pyrenees area would suit you in January, since these areas are just as freezing as Lithania (I know Lithania and know these areas in Spain- I like to shoot in all of them, but not in the winter…). The only region in mainland Europe that would most probably suit you weatherwise is the area around Malaga in Southern Spain. I have uploaded some pictures of lakes that I think would suit and will send the link to Audrius (since I do not have your email address). Please do not hesitate contacting me for any further questions at or on my cell +34 609 50 87 88. Looking forward to hearing from you, Peter

    Khalil Lougmani

    Dear Laura,

    Through this link you have access to a full list of lakes and ponds available in our film cities of Flanders, Belgium:

    I already selected some highlights that might suit your request:

    – Blaarmeersen, GHENT
    – Leopoldpark/Spuikom, OSTEND
    – De Nekker, MECHELEN
    – Fort Merksem/Galgenweel, ANTWERP
    – Minnewater, BRUGGE
    – …

    To find this kind of locations as well as additional locations in the Flanders region, Location Flanders also offers the LOCATION BONUS, a €2.500 grant to hire a location scout to find the perfect places to shoot in Flanders, Belgium.

    For more information on the LOCATION BONUS, see:

    Kind regards and good luck with your search!

    Fabian Desmicht
    Location Flanders
    Bischoffsheimlaan 38
    BE-1000 Brussels

    hi Laura, Film in Granada is a new film commission in southern Spain for the province of Granada (Andalusia). it is known worldwide for it monument Alhambra and its mountains Sierra Nevada. Sun and snow all year long. Should you need further information and more photos, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Clarissa Couassi
    Film in Granada
    phone: 0034672360737

    Hello,I´m Verónica of Salamanca Film Commission.Salamanca is a province placed in the center of Spain. I send you four places that can interest you. If someone of them serves you, you can contact with us in:;

    First place: Vilvestre (photo 1,2)
    Second place: Playa del Rostro (photo 3,4)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)

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