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Forums Large Colonial House Required

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  • Hi I am looking for a large Colonial style house either in Spain, Portugal, Italy or France(anywhere a lorry can easily drive to from the UK) The location needs to have dark wood beams and floors, ideally teak and have a colonial feel, palm trees in the garden would also be a huge help.The images attached show the style I am after. The rooms need to be large and the house will need to have at least 4 bedrooms. The owner will also need to be happy with my team decorating the house as we will be shooting stills for Sanderson, the fabric and wallpaper company. The house will of course be put back to normal once the shoot is over. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Dear Alyce.
    if you consider India , i would love to send you some of the reference picture of location . it would be our pleasure to to provide you here best of the best production service . please have a look some of reference picture hope you will consider this location after checking these picture , for more info please brief me by mail .

    best regard
    Dharmendra singh
    +91 9833084766
    Skype – dharmendra1232
    mail me –

    Jose Trullenque

    Hi Alyce,
    Here in Spain near Alicante I can offer this location, it is more Thai /Bali style than a colonial House but perhaps it can fit.
    If you need more photos or more information please contact me.
    Jose Trullenque

    Dear Alyce.
    If you consider Sri Lanka ,Three are many locations to mach your interest. I would love to send you some of the reference picture of location . it would be our pleasure to to provide you here best of the best production and location service . please have a look some of reference picture hope you will consider this location after checking these picture , for more info please call me.

    Shyaman Premasundara

    +94 714 786687
    +94 777 786687

    Jamie Riggs

    Hi Alice,

    please let me know if this place fit for your project.

    Many thanks

    Néstor Caño
    + 34 654278360

    Evan Herrick

    Hi Alyce,

    We are based in Spain and have a few colonial style houses on our database, some with palms in the garden, some without. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


    +34 629 533 155

    Lucy Verity

    Hi Alyce, in Portugal we have several options for colonial houses. Attached some options. If you’re interested, please call or mail us. Kind regards,


    Phone 00351 91 920 11 34

    Lucy Verity

    Soulkitchen Productions- Portugal

    Hellow Alyce,

    We have several options here in Cádiz, South of Spain. Easy acces, way long and spaced villas, from real colonial times.


    At the start of the XIX century some british families stablished here building real colonial houses that reamains exactly as they were originally built.

    Feel free to contact me for some info.


    mob: 00 34 650 481 056
    telep:00 34 952 474 213

    Hi Alyce,

    we are a production company from Slovenia which shoots a lot in Italy as the border is just 45 min away from the capital. So I am sending you some options from Italy.

    We are a full service production company with all in house facilities (casting, art department, studio …) and own equipment (Cameras, Lights, Grip).

    Please check us:
    my contact:

    Ann Hernandez

    Hello. My name is Berthold Meltz. I live in Puerto Rico (The Caribbean Region). Puerto Rico is a United States territory. It was an Spain colony from 1493 until 1898. We deal in $US Dollars. There are no problem bringing in equipment, materials etc., since customs are controlled by the US and Puerto Rico’s governments (no payment under the table). You can also used a broker (if you desire but is not really needed). If you are interested you can contact me at 011-787-649-3790. You can also contact me via email. Regards.

    Ann Hernandez

    Hello. Berthold Meltz again from Puerto Rico. Attached for more photos of Puerto Rico’s location. Regards.

    Hello Alyce,
    we can offer several colonial style houses in northern Italy, the best being the one attached here. We’ve filmed here before and found the owners very cooperative.
    Let me know if you like this or you would like to see the others on our files.
    You can see more about us at and our facebook page:
    Kind regards,

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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