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  • Simon Reeves

    has anyone ever shot in gaochang china?
    or china at all? if so what are the complications and problems that might be encountered?

    Jin Feilin

    Hey Lezlie, if it’s a commerical content, then it’s always ok, as long as you have some budget for the permission.
    let me know, we might be able to help.


    Hi hi. We are based in Shanghai and organize production support for foreign crews.
    Shooting in China is a relatively easy, provided we plan ahead and know what we want. Allow some time for pre production and we can make it happen.



    Please check out

    Hi Lezlie,
    We haven’t shot in Gaochang itself before, but in other parts of Xinjiang. Is this for documentary or commercial content? Let me know how we can help. Email address:

    sacha dench

    Hi Lezlie,

    We have experiences in shooting in Xinjiang before and the locations there are excellent. However, I don’t think it’s safe to shoot there now because of the political reasons. It’s hard to communicate with the local producer via internet. We moved the production to other province in China. If any local producer has some update for Xinjiang, please advise.

    Ernest Wong

    Ondrej Manda

    Hi Lezlie,

    you wanna shoot just the ancient city?

    We haven’t shot there in Gaochang before , but in other parts of Xinjiang and china. Is this for commercials?

    Let me know more and see what i can help.

    my email is


    Hi Lezlie,

    Our company has a branch in Beijing and can provide production service support in China. Is the content for commerical/feature film/documentary? I suppose you may be aware of the whole issue about censorship and shooting permit…Look forward to hearing from you at!

    Hi Lezlie,

    Much like in other countries, you can have a great shoot if with the right crew, and a terrible one in the hands of the wrong team. I would recommend looking at reels of potential service companies and talking to them on the phone to see if they (we?) fit your needs.



    Hi Lezlie,

    Its an ancient city near xinjiang in China. Transportation and equipments…. would be a big problem to shoot there. Highly recommend you to shoot with local production house.

    24hrs is a shanghai production house always shoots near xinjiang and visited GaoChang once when we did location scouting before.

    You can visit its Website:

    Try to contact 24hrs for more information.
    Or feel free to contact me

    Hope you can have a success shooting there.


    We have been location scouting in Turpan and nearby areas recently and it is indeed difficult to shoot in Gaochang at this time, not just because it is Xinjiang but it is a heavily Uiger area and one of the centers of the recent unrest. Gingerfilms has local producers in Xinjiang and good relations with The Xinjiang Film Studio, which handled the locations and permissions for such recent movies as The Kite Runner, we can coordinate permissions for your shoot through them.
    As my comrades above have pointed out it does matter quite a bit what you want to shoot: purely scenic shots of the ancient Gaochang city, the Karez irrigation system and incredible surrounding Turpan basin would not be difficult, interviews with local people about their thoughts, opinions and daily life would be almost impossible even with your handy public security bureau deputy on hand to guide the interviewees answers. Other areas of Xinjiang are quite a bit easier to shoot in at this time even other Muslem areas as long as they are not Uiger, for example the Kazek areas in the North-east and Mongolian areas which run a north-south line through central Xinjiang. If you can share more details on your project gingerfilms would be happy to help you put your production together. You can reach me on, skype: billy-shane-nunn or call 861 381 861 9991

    Xinjiang Province, where Gaochang is located, is still somewhat restricted in the wake of last year’s ethnic unrest, but we have shot there and if you plan ahead, it is doable. I’d be happy to discuss specifics either by email or over the phone.

    Carl Thelin
    Producer, Common Communication
    skype: carlthelin

    Karuna Eberl

    It is understood that this place is currently filming Gao forbidden, where the government does not allow filming. We do not want you to waste time and effort. If there is anything in China or need help you can contact us. for more information.


    Ms. Belzberg,
    I wanted to further follow up with some additional information. It will very possible to shoot all or part of a movie project in the Xinjiang region including the Flaming Mountains of Turpan and Gaochang Ancient City. You will need a movie studio partner for such and will need script approval from relevant authorities, such a process is not quick but we can help you coordinate the process. There is a well established equipment rental house in Urumqi and it is possible to bring equipment from other parts of china to supplement that.
    The deserts in China are huge and extend far beyond the Turpan and even Xinjiang, I’d be happy to provide you with our available location photos or to arrange a location scout in the region.

    David Youngs

    HI Lezly,
    I’ve been luck enough to shoot
    all through the Turpan basin
    including the incredible fire
    mountains and I must say one
    definitely does need approval,
    in fact, we had the Government
    with us the whole way, they drove
    our vehicles. Kim Taylor at Kaimu
    would be a good contact to get
    you through or October’s Beijing
    I hope you get there, it’s incredibly beautiful.

    Points to watch, the air is filled
    with sand, dust and powder. The
    powder gets into “everything” and
    “everywhere” even places you would
    think it couldn’t reach, even
    personal places. It destroyed my
    camera and also the stills
    photographer’s camera. You can’t
    go inside a car to change mags
    because it’s in the air there too.

    Also, it was so incredibly dry
    the veins in our noses dried and
    fell out as balls of blood…
    it’s beyond bone dry. 47 degrees
    Celcius and we were cooking eggs
    on the bonnet of our 4WD.

    You need to take goggles for your
    eyes and masks or scarfs for your
    mouth and nose. Some cotton wool
    in your ears can help keep the
    sand out, a little.

    Whatever water you think you need…
    triple it…

    Good luck.

    Dean Head ACS

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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