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Forums Pre-Production Forum LIGHT VENDOR IN VENEZUELA

This topic contains 13 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  beatrice chevrin 10 years, 7 months ago.

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  • We are shooting a long feature in Martinique Island and our genny is out of service. Do you have an idea of vendor around who could provide us a new one (100 /120 KW)

    The closest that I can think of would be in Trinidad.
    Try Tropical Power in Port of Spain. They are always very helpful.

    Sales Contacts
    Power Systems Division
    Randy Lee Young
    Vice President

    (868) 689 7105
    (868) 389 5717

    Hope thats useful.

    Try PJ gaffer in Puerto Rico, 1-787-798-8220,

    Hope all go well

    Fernando E.

    Sent via BlackBerry® device.

    Call frances miredin


    I’ve shot there once long time ago, unlikely you’ll find a portable strong enough on the Island, look for a few small ones in the city, call government house and tell them your problem. If you draw a blank, call any production company on the next island of Guadeloupe, it’s near by, much bigger, and they could fly one in.

    Hope this helps, wish I could do more.


    Yes please contact Tracey Cuesta immediately they have one available. Dom Rep

    Hi Beatrice!

    We have gennies in this class and could tranship one to you there, but I wonder if there are not a number of hotels that have generator back ups you could just tie into? As long as your HMI’s are FF you should be ok, and if your tungstens are a concern; just stay away from hispeed and odd shutter angles.

    Let me know what you want to do. I can get you a gennie with cable at USD 400 per day for a long term rental that is balanced, 56db and comes with camlock out and a 50 meter 4/0 cable run. Plus shipping and customs, of course…



    Javier Suez


    I have located a new Genny (100/120 KW) here in the Bahamas at a cost of $27,500.00.. .there will be freight charges to get it to you in the Martinique..
    are you interested?

    Best Regards,

    Kevin Strakan
    Fifth Avenue
    Inter-island Production
    242-434-3498 cellular
    917-472-1979 USA #

    Naomi Elkin

    Hi There!!

    Tracey Cuesta in the Dominican Republic has a fleet of Brand New Cummins Generators on Trailers ready for export.

    Hope this helps!!

    You can reach her at
    (809) 330-2234

    good Luck

    Naomi Elkin

    They are for rent or sale which ever you need they can help!

    Happy shooting!! :-)



    The closest, reliable vendor would be in Puerto Rico (1 hr. 50 mins away). However, what are you doing shooting on that island when we in Cuba have all of the equipment, crews, and landscape you would need for your feature, at HALF THE COSTS? Benecio Del Toro was just filming here. Email me and we’ll get you set-up in a much better location here. Best, Michael

    Colombia is very close and is the country with the most equipment.

    They can call Congo Films in Bogota (the biggest rental house in the area):

    Phone: +57 1 6304792

    Concepcion Taboada

    Spectrum Films México

    +52 155 2699 0375

    Production Support for Productions in the entire Caribbean based in Barbados and in St. MartinCaribbean
    Film & Photo Production Service Company
    contact: Ellen Hoch-Kramer

    Skype: ellen.thecaribbean

    If you are experiencing difficulties with our Caribbean
    telephone networks, please contact us via email or skype.

    from USA, Canada and Caribbean dial:
    tel./cell 011-590 690 482340
    tel./cell 1-246-231 8546
    tel./cell 011-49-157 8423 7423

    from Europe dial:
    tel./cell. 00590-690 482340
    tel./cell 001-246-231 8546
    tel./cell 0049-157 8423 7423

    313, 11th Avenue
    West Terrace Gardens, St. James,
    Barbados, bb23018

    60, rue de Millrum,
    Grand Case
    St. Martin, 97150, French Antilles

    Hope it Helps.

    Frank Pereira
    Key Light Productions

    Javier Suez

    Current Date/Time: Friday, April 01, 2011 10:05:39 AM

    Customer: Mr. Kevin Strakan
    Nassau, Bahamas
    Quote Number: DR/103626
    Issue Date: 2011-04-01
    Expiration Date: 2011-05-01
    Your Reference Number: dr103626
    Price Effective Date: 2005-02-08

    Contact Person:Donna Roberts
    Donna Roberts

    Dear Mr. Strakan:

    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to submit to you, a quotation on a new Caterpillar/Olympian GEPX110, 100KW 3 phase 120/208 volts, diesel generator set in a sound attenuated enclosure:

    60Hz 3PH 208/120v 4

    Battery Charger 5A CVC PBC5

    Lead Acid Battery DRY B1T1 I

    Integral Metal Fuel Tank FTR1 I

    Vision Enclosure

    GEPX110 RWPG31P

    Olympian Yellow / Black OLY1 I

    1800 RPM 1800RPM1 I

    60 Hz 60HZ1 I

    Standby Rating STANDBY1 I

    125 KVA W/FAN




    ACCESS 2000 Panel

    120 VAC1201 I

    Canopied Silencer System

    Low Coolant shutdown circuit


    Coolant Drain


    Loose Exhaust Rain Cap

    12v EIM-SR EIM21 I

    Total Amount:$27,500.00

    Grand Total of 100KW diesel generator set $27,500.00

    Payment terms: Cash.

    Delivery time: In stock.

    Warranty: 2 years on standby application.

    NOTE: This quotation is firm for 30 days only from date of quote. No mechanical or electrical installations are included in this quotation. This quotation is based solely on the information supplied to Machinery & Energy Limited by Mr. Strakan. Machinery & Energy Limited is not responsible for any design, engineering or other associated works. Bahamas Customs Duty and Stamp taxes are included in this quotation.

    I trust that the above quotation meets with your approval, should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Sincerely yours,

    Donnalee J. Roberts
    Sales Department
    Phone: 242-502-3954
    Fax: 242-323-5700

    I could help you here in the Bahamas. It may be best to get one directly from Miami.



    Gavin McKinney

    Director of Photography

    3D Entertainment Ltd.

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